Wine Bottle Cozy – A chart for working in the round

Wine Bottle Cozy - a free knit pattern

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Wine Bottle Cozy

a knitsbyjenn pattern

This cozy is made to fit over a 750 ml wine bottle. The pattern is quite stretchy (love those yarn overs!) and if made from a cotton yarn, will expand to fit around most shapes. The bottle shown has a bottom diameter of 3 inches (7.6 cm) and a height from base to shoulder of 8 inches (20 cm). If you do have trouble with the fit, you might need to go up/down in needle size.


Yarn used : Lily Sugar and Cream (one 70g ball)

Needles : size 4 DPNs or circular.

For this I used both! I prefer DPNs when working the bottom and then switch to a circular needle for the sides. (If using a circular needle, be sure the cord is long enough and flexible enough for magic loop.)

Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches (10 cm)



To make the base

Cast on 8 sts, join to work in the round.

Begin working Chart A. Work rounds 1-8 one time.

Round 9 : Purl to end

Round 10: Knit to end

Note that Rounds 1- 8 have increases. That’s why the chart has an uneven edge on the left side. I explain how to read charts, specifically charts with increasing/decreasing stitches, in Working with a Few Easy Charts – A Place to Begin.

Worried about the hole left at the cast on? Close it by threading the cast on tail through the base of each cast on stitch…. pull closed…. and sew in the end.






The sides

Work Chart B across 40 sts. Repeat Rounds 1 – 16 three times.

 The Top

Rnds 1 – 5 : *k2, p2* repeat to end.

This ribbing should go over the “shoulder” of the bottle. You may find that you need a few rounds more or a few less rounds of it for a good fit depending on your bottle.


Do not bind off! Cut yarn leaving a 30+ inch tail and thread the tail through the active stitches on the needle.




Place the bottle inside the cover and then pull the tail thread, closing up around the neck. Wrap tail and tie off.





If you are looking for a way to take this pattern with you, check out the handy “Print & PDF” button down there on the left. And check out our other free patterns. You might find something else you like.

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What a great idea and just in time for Christmas. A fun way to fancy up a gift of wine.


Thanks! It is a great way to fancy up a bottle…. or cover up the fact that you’re serving cheap stuff! Haha.

I would never do that. Never.

Diane Britson

This is a wonderful idea and pattern!


Thanks! I woke up with the idea for it (at about 4am) and I had to start knitting it right away. That other people like it too makes me a bit less strange. Just a bit. 🙂