Spinzilla 2014 – Day 5



I didn’t spin today. Not even an inch. I would say that I’m sorry but I’m not. I had something very important to do. Something that only comes up once a year and so I knowingly put Spinzilla on pause for today….


… because today is the first day of the Hill Country Yarn Crawl! Oh yes. Yarn Crawl, baby.  I car-pooled with some fabulous ladies to three of the thirteen shops on the crawl and acquired some new additions for my stash. (See? I told you it was something very important.)

Yes, that is some new fiber over on the side there.  Yes, I do feel a bit foolish for buying more fiber because it means I have now replaced the 8 ounces I just finished spinning this week. But it’s Karaoke Rainbow and its 50% merino, 50% soysilk. It needed to come home with me. You understand, right?

I can give you a quick tour of the three shops we made it to.

Tinsmith’s Wife in Comfort, Texas

Lucky Ewe in New Braunfels, Texas

Yarnorama in Paige, Texas


But what about Spinzilla right? I’ll get back on it tomorrow I promise! In the mean time, I offer you an eyeful of some of my team’s work.

2 lbs  1 lb of Coopworth fiber spun by Khiba
446 plied yards of Gradient Jewels spun by hairyet
510 plied yrds of Slumber spun by skeller
310 yds of Unnamed-Pretty-Fiber by badgersmama

(sorry but there is no project link for that last one)

Go Team Hill Country Weavers! There is more, lots more of what’s been spun on the ravelry threads here and here.  Feel free to look around and cheer on the spinners.


*edited to make a tiny correction to the description on Khiba’s spinning

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I’m so glad that I live too far away to attend Yarn Crawl. My budget just couldn’t stand the strain. I’m that weak.
You ladies can at least spin the fiber into useable yarn. I would have bought your Rainbow fiber just because it is so pretty.


I was weak too. Yes, Yarn Crawl is a dangerous time for wallets and checkbooks. Those yarn fumes will get you and make you do crazy things!


How does the Feline Overlord like your prizes? Does she approve?


She did try to eat the Kid Mohair lace. I suppose that’s a sign of approval. 🙂