It Came From Craft Night


Hope you’re in the mood for a mostly-picture, very-little-text post because:

a) I’m a bit rushed this morning.

b) I happen to have pictures from last night’s crafty get-together on me.

c) I’m trying to typing this with an attention starved Feline Overlord in my lap.


Last night the Roving Crafters had….

The latest and greatest WIP courtesy of Old Crazy Hooks.


Everyone’s favorite future-crafter.


Misbehaving yarn in a massive tangle.


It was beaten into submission and into ball form!


A crafter who just loooooves to have her picture taken.


A gorgeous blue thingy that will be a super-sexy February Market Bag (everything designed by the Sexy Knitter is super-sexy!).


A wrap with this awesome skull motif. No, I didn’t get the pattern name. Sorry. I am a very bad, horrible, no-good, blogger. (If you recognize the pattern please say in comments!)  UPDATE: I just got a message on ravelry with the answer. Its a Instant Gratification XXtra Creepy Skull Shawl


And left over Halloween candy. It truly was the most important thing that was brought to craft night. Oh yes.

This post was made in shameless promotion of craft nights and craft groups everywhere. If you don’t have a crafty group to hang out with, you should find one. They are great for the soul. But if life just won’t cooperate with you and you can’t get to one, you can always hang out with the Roving Crafters online. We have a ravelry group and we welcome all new members, snarky jokes, and cute kitty pics.

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Agree. A crafting group is awesome. Good job with the photos


Thanks! I do like taking pictures. Hopefully they convey just how much fun we have and how much silliness goes on. 🙂