This Wasn't Going to Be a Post Until…


Let me say, right up front, this is not my knitting. It was done by a friend/student. Aren’t they adorable?

She’s making coasters to give to her hubby. Its your basic miter square pattern, made with Paton’s Classic Wool Roving and a big needle. Size 11 I think. But she doesn’t have a high agitation washing machine and I do. So I’m felting them for her.

I was taking a few quick pictures of the first one this morning. I hadn’t even trimmed the fuzzies off (as you can plainly see, lol). That’s all I was going to do. Take the pics, send to her, let her see how cute the first one came out…

Then the Feline Overlord found them. There were hand made things in close proximity that she had not yet shed on! How could that have happened?

Good thing she spotted them right? Now they have been properly claimed by her royal cat-ness and I can felt the rest of them this evening. But I’ll, ahh, rewash the felted one just in case hubby has a cat allergy.

We just won’t tell her that, ok?

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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No one will notice a few extra cats hairs. Let your baby enjoy.


Ok. I’ll spoil her and let her do just as she likes! Its what I usually do anyways, lol.


Hehehe! ♢