Thursday Poll – What do you do about that stash?

(a popular meme from I-don’t-know-where)

A few crafters I know have been making disturbing statements lately. They are talking about cleaning out their yarn stashes.


I can see where someone would feel the need to get rid of stuff this time of year. Its after Christmas so chances are you have new stuff to fit into your home. The weather is cruddy so chances are you’ve been stuck in your home way too much. Your stuff seems like too much stuff and its bugging you. Something has to go.

But does it have to be the yarn?  Do crafters really throw out their yarn?

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In the interest of complete honesty, I have to admit that I’m not sorting anything, not throwing any thing away, and not even considering such a radical activity. It is far too cold to let even the skimpiest scrap of fiber go.
Maybe come Spring I will consider it. Maybe.


Glad to hear it. Don’t toss any of it! Not even in the spring. 🙂


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