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Its Friday and that means its time to pick another winner in our Revive-A-Vintage contest. The prize this week is 8 ounces (250 g) of roving from Mountain Meadow Wool in the color of their choice!

Mountain Mead Wool Roving
Winner gets 8 ounces of this!


How do I pick the weekly winner?

It’s random. I use this search to pull together a list of all the entries in our contest. Then I count up have many we have (it gets a little bigger each day). Then I head over to I pop the number of entries into their number generator and that’s our winner. This week gave us number 13. So the winner is…

Yancka for her Værhånnrosa! Congratulations! I have no idea how to pronounce Værhånnrosa but I do know they are just lovely. For the challenge yancka is reviving a Norwegian mitten pattern that was knit by brides-to-be for their future husbands. Drop by her project and let her know what you think!

The prize, provided by the wonderful folks at Mountain Meadow Wool, is authentic, American West wool. It comes from privately run ranches in Wyoming, its spun in Wyoming and hand dyed in Wyoming. This is one of few American owned and operated fiber mills. Check out their Around The Mill feature. They have lots details about their operation and pictures of every single person who works in their mill. How cool is that?

So what if yancka doesn’t spin? What is she going to do with all that roving? Well, here are a few options for her and anyone other non-spinners who happen to have fiber kicking around in their stash:

1) Learn to spin! Yes, this is my number one recommendation. Its a wonderful craft and we need more people to take it up. Its relaxing, it feeds right into that knitting/crochet/weaving habit you have, and it impresses the snot out of people.

Nuno Felt Scarf

2) Learn to spin!  Ever try wet felting?  Rosiepink has a great tutorial for beginners. Once you master that you can dive into the mysterious world of nuno felting.

3) Unspun roving can be knit or crocheted. No spinning required. You have to be careful not to pull the fiber apart. Splitting the roving into thin strips and then holding two strips together can help with that.


We have more to give away ya know! There are three more weekly drawing prizes in our Revive-A-Vintage contest (click for details) to be given out. If you haven’t gotten started, there is still plenty of time! And at the end we have goodies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and an honorable mention.

You really should enter.

You know you want to.

Feline Overlord will be making her disproving face until you get your entry in. She will be making that face afterwards too but that’s to be expected.



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Rae Bardon
Congrats, I am so jealous. I want to learn how to spin! Today I am going to be warping my loom (again)! I’m thinking I may get 3-4 projects done before this is all over. I did have a question about patterns. Sometimes Tablet-woven patterns are hard to date (though I am mining the experience of my fellow SCA-ers for help). Do I need to have documentation on a pattern being made before 40 years ago? Or would the fact that the motif was definitely used be ok for Tablet-weaving? (Just as an aside, I know both projects I have… Read more »

That would be just fine! Motifs, certain motifs, are tied particular eras in history. (Like pineapples being ubiquitous in English Victorian thread work.) Go ahead and show us your take on an old motif!

And I don’t know why wordpress put you back in the spam folder. Thought we had that fixed. I’m sending in a new report.


I’m absolutely over the top happy about winning this weeks price. I’ve been looking into spinning for at least the last year. Reading forum post, looking at youtube videos, drooling over spinning wheels and spindles in online shops, but never done anything about it. This might be a sign from the woolen gods that I’m meant to learn yet another fiber related trade. Maybe this is the kick in the butt I need to get around to it?

I’ll keep knitting on my revive-a-vintage entries and hopefully I’ll get them done in time to be in the final drawing.


This is DEFINITELY the kick you need to learn to spin! I love to turn crafters into spinners. Congrats on your win!