Our Final Friday Winner!


This is the final Friday before the big day! Entries in the Revive-A-Vintage contest are due next Wednesday at midnight CST. For our last random weekly drawing I have the third gift bag from Milk + Honey. Yep, they donated three of these babies to our contest. Isn’t that sweet of them?

Lotion bars from Milk + Honey

And the final drawing prize goes to…

(Yes I make you click through to find out, Yes, I AM evil.)

We are up to 91 entries. How about that! And Mr. Random Number Generator likes 50.

Number 50 on my list is Revive Vintage Project #1 by SLCook and OMG I KNOW HER!

Okay, its not too surprising that someone I know would win because I’ve bullied plenty of my students and most of the other crafters that put up with me in real life into entering this contest. But… I will get to see this winner today and TELL HER IN PERSON.

That will be fun. And when her lotion bars come I’ll get to play with them a little. So this is kind of like me winning something. Kind of.

But “Revive Vintage Project #1” is a terrible project name. I’ll have to fuss at her for that. Also, she has been making progress on this dress. I know that because I’ve seen it. I think one whole side is finished. But… no pictures. I’ll have to fuss at her for that too.

Don’t worry Roving Crafters. You can count on me. I’ll get some eye-candy out of her!


Speaking of eye-candy, let’s take a gander at all the some of the vintage that’s been rolling out on ravelry. Don’t have space for all of it here. But there is some very impressive work out there and, yes, I have been stalking all of your ravelry project pages.

(If I did this right, each of these images should be a clickable link that leads you back to the artist’s project page. If any links break, let me know!)

We have some weaving going on. 

Double Rams Horn by ceresandraste

We have some pineapples going on.

Laura Wheeler #640 Revival Doily by criblet

We have a turban in mohair. 

Turban by Asteride

We have a coin purse. 

Mini coin purse by patmom

We have an authentic waistcoat.

Vintage Waistcoat by freya12

We have a dollhouse furnishing set with crochet, weaving and tatting. 

Mini vintage by redcabbage

Okay, I’ll stop. Lol. But there is more, lots more. Lots to inspire and admire and lots of hour-stealing vintage goodies to go pour over. To see them all you just have to search ravelry projects for the revive-a-vintage tag. Our just click here!

Visit any or all of the vintage projects and let our Roving Crafters how much you like what they are doing. Or you can just drop by the ravelry chatter thread for some chatter and some tea. Last time I looked in Joliekay was offering to get make tea for everyone.

I’m still waiting for mine. Just saying.



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I am so behind on that weaving, but never fear! One day at the loom and it should be done 🙂 I’ve been knitting a TARDIS afghan for my friend who are having a baby soon!


Wow my spelling in the morning is horrible! That should have said “friends who are having a baby soon”


I too have been neglecting my vintage (spinning) in order to meet a baby deadline. Babies come first it seems.


Congrats to the winner! Looking forward to project pics.
And thanks, Jenn, for highlighting several projects I haven’t seen yet. Off to click!