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I’m working on stuff. I have my polwarth on the spinning wheel and a teapot cozy on a hook. I have a big tri-color shawl on a set of size 6 needles. None of those are even close to finished. But I got some baby booties done.

crochet baby booties

Baby booties! Great for when you need to show your blog that you can actually accomplish something. Or, you know, when you know and expecting mother. I fall into both categories.

Simple Crossover Bootie by Louise Mac

There are plenty versions of this type of bootie out there on the interwebs. I think this is the original pattern. Its the one I started with in any case. After you’ve made the first pair, you’ll know how to adjust them to make different sizes and in weights of different yarn. They are dead simple.

Knit No Button Baby Booties by StitchLeft is a version for knitters.


Each one takes about 15 minutes or so.

crochet baby bootie being assembled Making a cross-over baby bootie!

You want to make them right? Well you can. Even if you don’t know a baby, or an expecting mommy, or have a blog to impress, you can still make these. Carewear will take them and distribute to babies and parents directly through hospitals. Or you can just drop them off at your local hospital yourself. I’m sure they will know what to do with them.

A word of warning though: Once you start making these, its hard to stop. They have crack in them I think.

A while ago someone sat me down and explained to me that my cats were not all that bad, that everyone’s cats photo bomb, and that maybe I should not complain about it so much.

Ha. Not a chance.

A) The fact that a whine endlessly about my badly behaved cats is part of my charm. Everyone says so.

B) Please (pleaseplease) do not let Feline Overlord hear you say that she is no worse than other cats. She will be highly offended and feel the need to prove her evilness in some new and creative way.

C) I give you this.

Under that cat is a half-made baby bootie. My Feline Overlord does not “photobomb”. She “photonukes”.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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She is our gracious feline Overlord! I for one bow down to her inevitable dominance over the human race (just don’t tell Pwca ok? She might strive to become a FO herself….)



I would never tell your kitty on you. I beg that you show me the same mercy!




I wonder if my cat would like a set of booties for his feets (and feats), LOL. These are so cute, especially with the flower closure 🙂 I have no one in my life who needs or booties, but these are so cute, they must be made!


They must be made yes. And I WISH I could get these on a cat and take a picture. Just one decent picture of a booty-wearing cat loaded on the internet and I betcha I’d be famous.


The image of the kitty directly under your lens made me laugh even before I knew there was a FO concealed beneath Her Fluffy Greatness. She is a gem 🙂


A gem huh? She is a big pain! I have to keep air freshener handy just to chase her away from the camera or she would be in every picture and video.