Time for Tea!


I had a quiet weekend and so the crocodile stitch teapot cozy got finished. Teapot has her sweater now. She has a few accessories too.

Crochet crocodile stitch used in teapot & mug cozy

The teapot cozy is made in two flat pieces. Those pieces are stitched together at the bottom (below the spout and handle) and held together at the top with a drawstring…

crochet crocodile stitch teapot cozy with matching mug cozy

which is why my two sides don’t match, lol. But I don’t mind that at all. And the top is super cute.

Crochet teapot cozy

How I made it:

Pattern: Scallop Tea Cozy by crochetroo

Yarn: Pinwheel in color 03 (Crayon Box) by Cascade Yarns

Hook: Size G (4.25 mm)

After trying the pattern as it is written, I pulled out and started over making one modification. On Row 1, and all the other odd-numbered rows, I used double crochets in place of the single crochets. My original piece was too tight and started to curl on itself. So I switched to double crochets and it opened those scales right up.

The accessories:

After finishing the teapot cozy I had yarn left over. I never throw away my leftover yarn (that’s crazy-pants behavior right there) so I made a matching wrap-around for a mug. Its just one piece with 7 scales. Its slipped in under the handle and bow-tied together using the cast-on & bind-off yarn tails.

crochet crocodile stitch mug cozy

I also got a hot pad and and matching coaster done. They are made from the handspun flax yarn that I finished off and have been playing around with.

Knitting with handspun flax yarn - hot pad and coaster

I think I’d like to make more of these in two colors of cotton. Hmm… Do I really need another cast-on in my life? 

After I set out all the pieces (and took pictures for ya’ll) it was tea time! I brewed up some tea jut to test everything out. I needed to see how it all performed under rigorous real-life conditions. You understand. So I put the kettle on the stove, measured out some tea leaves, and made a pot of tea.

The teapot cozy works great! Keeps the tea nice and, err, cozy. The hot pad and coaster do their thing. They lay there and project my very precious laminate table surface exactly they way they are supposed to. The wrap-around mug thingy is, well, its useless. It doesn’t seem to keep the mug any warmer. But its very pretty.

Pretty but useless. Hmm. I guess its kind of like Cowardly Boy Cat then. I keep him around so I guess I’ll keep the mug thingy too.

Cowardly Boy Cat is juts a pretty face

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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12 Comments on "Time for Tea!"

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Your teapot almost looks like a muppet! I love it!


Thanks! I love it too. Those scales are pretty but even better, they are tick. It makes for a nice warm cozy.


I love it!, I’m making me one.



I live to enable the casting-on of new project in other people!

So glad you liked it.


That is lovely. I think it would look great with some beads too.


That’s an interesting idea. A sparkly teapot cozy would be pretty nice.



lol The teapot looks like a chicken. I love it. In fact I need the tea, the pot and the cozy too, it is that chilly here.I If the boy cat sleep across feet, I’ll take him too. Where is summer? Who is hogging all the warm?


I know right? Of course I’m so cold-natured athat I don’t even feel comfortable until its in the 80’s. Inside.

Sadly Boy Cat does NOT sit on my feet. I have tried and tried to train him to do that. He is un-trainable i think.

Excellent! This is the finest example of the so-trendy crocodile stitch I’ve seen, maybe ever. Really fine match-up of yarn (both color and texture), technique and object made. Sip on! The croc stitch takes so much yarn, which I seem to overly obsess on: no large object, like a shawl or long cowl, should be made of all crocodile stitch! But then, who am I to stop a crafter doing what she wants. That crochetroo is Aussie, and they sometimes use the Brit terms. Not that this explains the switch you made. But I been watching crochetroo, because she designed… Read more »

I’m glad you like it! I do like croc stitch in any of the long color ways yarns. They really show it off to advantage.

No big objects huh? lol can’t say I agree with you. I saw a pull over pattern the other day with a hood made in croc stitch. It looked adorable and WARM. I’ll have to go and track that pattern down again.