Weekly Rec – You Need Some Fabulous in Your Life


So… have you met Eddie and Patsy?

screen capture from Absolutely Fabulous

You should. They are Absolutely Fabulous. And by fabulous I mean offensive, lazy, worthless, vain, shallow, cruel, vapid, and usually hung over. These are my favorite characters on one of my favorite TV shows of all time and more people need to be watching them.

Warning: This post, like the show itself, is politically incorrect, offensive to pretty much everyone, contains micro-aggressions, trigger warnings, foul language, and is not appropriate for people who had their sense of humor surgically removed at birth.

If you are into entertainment that comes with a social agenda, go watch something else. AbFab is for those of us who don’t want to hear that we have the wrong lifestyle, beliefs, politics, and should recycle more. Its for people who want to laugh. Its for people who enjoy seeing Saffie (Eddie’s daughter) endless teased, harangued, overworked, and exhausted.

Saffie and Eddie in Absolutely Fabulous

Its for people who enjoy watching Bubbles (Eddie’s assistant) behave so stupidly that she defies any attempt at description.

Bubbles in Absolutely Fabulous

Its REALLY for people who enjoy hard-drinking, chain-smoking, coke-snorting, fashionistas that have survived on nothing but booze since 1973.

Patsy on Absolutely Fabulous

Then there is Eddie. Eddie is an utterly worthless trend-follower with too much money. I’m not sure she has a single redeeming quality. But she does have one… absolutely fabulous… idea.

The show is not available for streaming on Netflix. Netflix wouldn’t know a good show if it sat on their face I think. You can, however, get it from Amazon, Hulu or itunes. Its worth the extra effort (the first four seasons especially).

If you would sit down and watch the show then you know that when I slam my coffee mug down and say “Fennel. Twig. Tea.”, I mean that

a) I want to drink some coffee

b) but I’m not drinking coffee

c) because I’m drinking some herbal concoction that’s supposed to be good for me

If when I looked at you and said “Sweetie, darling, darling, sweetie darling”, you would know I’m about to ask for a favor that you won’t want to do.

If I turn to you with my arms full of yarn/books/bottles of wine and say “This is one we want! This is the One!”, you will know that I really can’t make up my mind and am thinking about buying them all.

Finally you would know that when I’m in a doctors office I’m always sitting there trying very, very hard not to shout out “Oy! Bitch nurse!”. Yeah, that might not go over well.

See? We could have lots and lots of fun if you would just go waste a whole weekend and binge-watch this show. And you can knit and crochet the whole time. It will be…. Absolutely Fabulous. (Sorry. I had to toss that line in. I couldn’t help myself.)

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I love AbFab!! I obviously did not see as much of it as you did, but I still love it!


LOL! Ab Fab is one of my favorites. But you stole my favorite line. Fennel twig tea. I actually do drink it.
Eddie’s rant to the Judge in traffic court is quotable too. Bloody bits of paper.
Full disclosure, I do not resemble any of the characters.
Don’t question me!


“Don’t question me!”

I should take to saying that all the time. It works for Patsy right?


Eddie: What you don’t understand is that inside me is a thin person trying to get out.
Eddie’s Mother: Just the one, dear?


Eddie: (opening a not-good-enough-gift) What the buggery bollocks is this?

Or, the ‘swoosh, swoosh, sweetie’ – while miming tears streaming down your face. Perfect for the situation when you’re expected to show empathy or sympathy and either don’t get the drama or couldn’t give a stuff.

Eddie: Bubble, what is your job?
Bubble: (thinks) errrrr get paid.

Thanks for this post! Quotes to make me smile all day.


AH HA! A true fan I see.

I do love the “swoosh swoosh”. Its so heartless. Lots of whiny people deserve the “swoosh swoosh” treatment.


Isn’t Bubble just perfect?