I'm Coming Out From Under A Cloud


It’s been a tough two weeks for me as you may have been able to tell from the rambling and chaotic direction of my recent posts. If that didn’t tip you off, the lack of any progress whatsoever on my projects probably did! But I’m back on track and I have the pictures to prove it.

I’m blaming my recent woes on allergies and a lack of sleep. Then there was a catastrophic change in coffee brands. Then there was a 36-hour long headache that made me nauseous every time I turned my head too quickly. That was a migraine… I think. I’ve never had one before and if I never have another it will be too soon.

The blame for lack of proper sleep falls squarely on Feline Overlord aka Darth Vader (as I’ve recently taken to calling her). I already wrote whined about her new nocturnal habits and I won’t bother you with that again. But weeks of disturbed sleep were kicking my butt. And affecting my vision if you can believe that. My eyes had been blurry for so long I was starting to wonder if I needed glasses.

The allergies are brutal this year in Central Texas. We usually have high allergens in these parts but this is a whole new level of mucus-inducing awesome. All the rains we’ve had resulted in bi-weekly flooding of city streets as well as

  1. an insect invasion of nearly biblical proportion, and
  2. everything that stays in one place is growing mold. About a third of my wooden porch is covered in black mold. (I’ll have to deal with that pretty darn soon.) My nose is like a leaky faucet, always dripping.

Also the local grocery store stopped carrying my uber-strong coffee blend. I choose a new brand. I choose poorly. Nuff said.

But I’ve had two decent nights sleep and I have new coffee and fresh air filters and I’m feeling much better. I feel almost human again. I even feel like doing some knitting.

Good thing too. I had been eking out that Chambered Nautilus Tam and once my blurry vision and my foggy brain cleared up I realized it was approximately half the size I needed. I didn’t know why I didn’t realize that earlier. Too zombie-fied I guess. Here is the old version, which might have fit an eight year old girl, with the new version.

And here is the new version a little further along:

After two spirals or so it stops looking so sloppy and starts to have a real shape. I did figure that much out my first time through. For my second attempt I’m using backwards knitting, aka left-handed knitting, on the “wrong-side” rows. It makes the project go faster. By left-handed knitting I mean the real thing, not knitting continental style, but working stitches off the right-handed needle and on to the left-handed needle. Its awkward and weird and requires a bit of mental acrobatics for me to pull off, but it does make these short rows go faster.

I’ve also managed to get a bit of spinning done. I’ve been working on the red that I started for my last Spinning in Cowgirl Boots posty-post. Of course its no longer all red. I had a few other colors to add in.

Doesn’t that just cheer you up? Me too. Once I shook off my dismals I went looking for color. I’m spinning that red in long sections with shorter bits of yellow and blue. I think my single is ranging from fingering weight into sport weight, but its hard to be certain while its still on the bobbin.

Then there is the turquoise, purple and red shawl. Its my “real” project. Its the one I’m supposed to give most of my time to. I’m happy with the way its looking but I can admit that’s its been a struggle. I knew the “look” that I wanted to achieve. I got that look with my first attempt but…. as I was working it up I realized there was an easier way. So I pulled out and started over. Then I realized there was an even easier way. So I pulled out and started over. Lol. Again I blame the wasted effort and stitching time on being Zombie-Jenn. But I do like knits that appear to be complicated but turn out to be easy. So It was worth it to me frog and start over, and then start over again. This is version number three and its the final version (probably). I might even have it finished and the pattern published before Christmas within a month.

Same pic and its all I’m gonna show for now! Its draped over an outdoor tortilla warmer and can you see that little bit of black mold in the upper right corner? Yeah, I gotta get out there with some bleach.

Its nice to not be a zombie anymore.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Kris Paige
Put down that bleach!!! Take it from the one who did that, it doesn’t help, toxic to the ground under it, not to mention mucks up the water worse than a hurricane. Rather head to Costco or wherever load up on white vinegar. Then stop at the health food store for some tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Get the less expensive brands Okay, at home, put about 10–20 drops of each oil in the gallon of vinegar dump all over mold. If you really want to get mean, add a bit of Dawn to make it stick to the… Read more »

You can also get tea tree from regular old Walgreens and Walmart 🙂



This long reply had me quite intimidated I’ll admit. But I did read it.

I promise I’ll be careful. I’ll do my best to be responsible. You are such a sweetie to worry!


Wow! great tips! Thanks. Texas is not used to all this rain.
Jenn, where your whole week went wrong was at the coffee! Poor Baby, no one does well without their fav coffee!


You are so right. It was the coffee that did me in. I’ll have to be far more careful in the future about which grounds I buy! I had no idea I was such a sensitive soul.

And no, we are not used to all this rain. I don’t know how people in wetter climes handle it! I get weird without my sunshine.

Welcome back to the land of the living – May you find your coffee soon 🙂 Sorry to do this, but it’s for your own good… To add to Kris’ comment – The bleach deteriorates the wood, too, which your deck shows signs of already. It dries the wood out and causes cracking, which I also see. After you clean it with that vinegar mixture, follow up with a wood sealer to prevent further damage. Or, go to Home Depot, stand in the wood sealer section, and wait for one of those Texas guys to offer to do all that… Read more »
Thread Forward

Glad you are feeling better! The shawl is beautiful, I can’t wait to see the FO.


I’m working on it this weekend! Thanks!