Three WIPs and No Shame

Three WIPs and No Shame

I started three WIPs this week and I feel okay about that. That’s three brand spanking new Works In Progress. I may start another tonight. I may start two. And no one can stop me.

None of my WIPs individually have made much progress because that’s what happens when you try to knit on three things simultaneously.

One row on that + two rounds on another +  increases on the third = a whole lot of nothing much

I’m perfectly fine with that.

A few posts back I went off on a rant against perfectionism and the way it stifles creativity. I honestly thought that lil’ post would ruffle a few feathers. Instead I got a chorus of agreement. You know what all your supportive comments did? Encouraged me to get all opinionated and rant-y again. Really, you only have yourselves to blame.

About those WIPs That Make You Feel Guilty

Sometimes us craft-y types are on a deadline. We are stitching against time because there is a birthday coming up or a friend just took a really hard blow in life (like an illness) and we need to get something done and in the mail. That’s a special kind of situation. Those projects need to get finished in a timely fashion.

All the other WIPs you have going exist solely to make you happy. That is their entire purpose. So don’t let them make you feel unhappy.

WIP shawl

Jenn’s Reasons Why You can Cast On for Another Project If you Want To:

1) Its not your job, its your hobby. So you have a half finished sweater on your dresser? So what? If you want socks, cast on for socks. Do what makes you happy, at least in this one thing, this one part of your life; do what makes you happy.

What I mean to say is its your time. That’s what this is, your hobby of making things, its your time. Time is the most precious, most limited thing you have. You only have so much of it and will never get anymore. If you’re bored with a project and don’t feel like working on it, then don’t. Put it down because it can wait. (Its inanimate and has all the time in the world.) Remember that cute washcloth pattern you found the other day? Start that because it will make you smile and you deserve that smile.

WIP cowl

2) Finishing isn’t everything. Yes, there is something to be said for accomplishing things, for finishing off. But do you have to finish it off right now? This week? I don’t think you actually do. I think that in all likelihood you accomplished 18 other things today, mundane, routine things in “real life” because that was what you actually had to do today. And I think the cabled afghan WIP in your living room can wait until you’re in the mood to make cables again. So go cast on for that hat you promised yourself.

3) Some crafters are not motivated by having a finished product. Don’t get me wrong, a beautiful crochet lace shawl is just the thing for those chilly mornings but maybe its wasn’t the idea of having a shawl that got you started in the first place. Maybe you were intrigued by the lace pattern itself and wanted to understand how it was made. Now that you’ve made a third of the shawl, you do! You figured out that lace pattern. That was your accomplishment and now you’re bored and kinda, sorta don’t feel like finishing because you want to go figure out something else.

That is perfectly okay. You stitch to occupy your mind. So pull out your hook and go find yourself another puzzle/project to tackle.

WIP Skew socks

I stitch all the time; in every spare moment of my day I’m playing with yarn. But if I have to work on something… if I HAVE to make this one specific thing and I HAVE to do it right now… I get cranky. Why? Because that’s not playing, that’s working.

In my experience, a happy crafter gets more done in the long run. They do. If you need 14 WIPs to be happy then go for it. Its your yarn. More importantly, its your time. Spend it however you like.

And if your spouse or child or roommate threatens to have you evaluated for a mental illness because you have a WIP for every room of the house (including the bathroom) you can totally blame it on me. I’ll take the heat for it.

Honestly, if your vice is an addiction to starting projects than I say embrace it. It keeps you out of the bars right?

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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I just finished a pattern for myself… Now all of my WIP’s in action are for work. I didn’t have anything else planned. Thanks for giving me an excuse to start something else, lol!

I could guess for the other two, but when do we get to know what that last WIP will be? I’m clueless.


Thank you for lessening my guilt. Casting on does make me happy!


Need to figure a way to explain to DH that the seemingly (to him) disorganized cat trap pile of yarn beside the couch can’t move to the “designated knitting area upstairs” because the CTP is also inspiration


Thank for putting a little salve on my guilt. Finished my baby afghan for pay but I had put aside a half finished sweater. I had just pulled out some angora blend from my gift stash and started a hat when YOU gave me the link to the crochet socks. That’s 3 WIP’s. Can’t tell you how many items I have made because the pattern intrigued or challenged me. I now have a whole new perspective on my hobby and my mental state.

Agree with the explanation that one is work, the other play. I hate knitting for a deadline, even a self imposed one. As for multiple WIPs, of course! There’s the one that needs to be worked on when everything’s quiet, then the one you can take to knit group, then the ones that are good travel projects, and the ones… And some of those go into time-out, because they stopped making you happy, and…. I took the yellow leaf to the knit group this morning, along with the pattern. One cast on right away, and three others asked for the… Read more »