Skew that Heel

Turn the heel on Skew socks

I’ve been knitting along on my Skew socks, (click that link for the free pattern) and you’ve been following along, living vicariously through me and my needles right? Right. Well today we skew that heel. Its time to turn these babies from oddly shaped tubes into real socks.

How We Skew That Heel

Step 1) Feed all bad kitties mackerel so they are happy and full and sleepy and leave us alone. 

Step 2) Move the left sock off the circular and onto its own set of double pointed needles. We’ve been warned that the heels can’t be done two-at-a-time since they turn in opposite directions. So we didn’t even try.

skew socks - ready for the heel

Step 2a) Make sure that really was the left sock because it would be just like us to put a right heel on the left sock wouldn’t it?

(It was the left one. We had plenty of coffee and we are awake and firing on all cylinders.)

Step 3) Knit the heel-shaping-left-sock-only part. Which just makes it look even more mutant shaped. Also we had to go digging into the knit notions stash because this section needs another stitch marker.

skew socks - the left heel shaping

Step 4) The “origami moment”. That’s is what the pattern author calls it because we have to fold some of the stitches around and Kitchener Stitch them together. By the way, why doesn’t this blog have a Kitchener Stitch tutorial? Somebody had better get on that.

skew socks - Kitchener stitch part of the heel

We did a bang up job on that Kitchener Stitch seam and its practically invisible. Nice.

Step 5) Knit the first round on the left mini-gusset and realize that we have a HUGE gusset hole. Oh no!

Step 6) Check the pattern and find “ there will be a hole at the top of the heel where the Kitchener stitch seam ends” Okay, phew. “Use tail of seaming yarn later to close the hole.” So we can just ignore that huge gaping hole in our otherwise lovely sock. 

Step 7) Try them on.

skew socks - after the heel

Step 8) Try to figure out how to take a picture of the back of our own foot. It’s not easy but we managed.

skew socks - after the heel

Ta da! That’s one heel completely Skewed.


Step 9) Get some fresh coffee and go figure out what the bad kitties have been up to while we were busy knitting the coolest heel ever.

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Beautiful work, & nice job with the origami- the socks, & you, taking a pic of your heel! ?

So, these are those things I couldn’t figure out! (Sorry I’m late to the party, but I’m catching up.) This blog absolutely needs a tutorial for the Kitchener stitch (lol). I would like to add this pattern to my list of ‘things to knit when I start knitting again’, but I don’t know the stitch! Thanks for sharing your work on them – I read the pattern and was a bit confused, but watching as you construct them makes more sense of it. Does your camera have a timer/multiple picture setting? If bad kitties permit, that can come in handy… Read more »

A tutorial would be so useful.I’ll be looking forward to that one.


I love it!