Sock weather is Here

Wearing old socks and knitting new ones. Sock weather is here.

I was chilly this morning. In fact, I’ve been chilly every morning this week. I’d lodge a complaint about that but there is no official government agency to take weather complaints (yet) and I’m probably the only one in Austin who is cold… so far. But I’m cold-natured, aka wimpy, and for me its sock weather. Wool sock weather.

Being chilly is keeping me motivated on my Skew Socks. I have the left heel/mini-gusset all finished up and back on its circular needles. Which makes it much easier to try on and check the fit.

An in-progress Skew sock

Fits pretty darn good.

The heel on the right sock is next on my to-do list. Its on a set of double pointed needles ready to go.

making Skew socks - turning the right heel

I’m sitting here with chilly toes and chilly fingertips and I can’t knit them fast enough. I could turn on the heat. I’ve thought about turning on the heat. But I’m resisting. Only really crazy people turn on the heat when they wake up and find its 76 degrees (that’s 24 deg Celsius for all you living anywhere that’s not the USA) in their home. I’m only a little bit crazy so I just put on a jacket. Then I put some yarn on my feet, aka an already knit-up pair of socks.

handknit socks


Then I put some yarn on the teapot and brewed myself a steaming pot of heaven.

Get some yarn on that teapot! The Scallop Tea Cozy, pattern by crochetroo


Oh there is still coffee. There is always coffee. But when I’m cold, I’m a two-fisted drinker; I like to have a mug of coffee AND tea at hand. (Still only a little bit crazy.)  The pattern for the tea cozy is a freebie, by the way. Its a design by Crochetroo and you can grab a copy for yourself right here.

From fall through on to spring is sock weather for me. I have the sock weight socks for now. I’ll be stepping up to the worsted weight and chunky weight socks when it gets really cold, like say in the 60’s. Brrr! I wish I had enough pairs of handknit wool socks to wear every single day from now until summer. But I don’t and some days I have to settle for store bought wool socks. However, rest assured that I will not be, will never-ever be, like this:

Cold feet by Martin Lubner

Guess what the title of that painting is? Cold feet. It by Martin Lubner and I would say that someone needs to knit Martin a pair of socks but I won’t. He lives in New York and I’m sure that his feet are always cold. I’m also sure certain that he could find his sock drawer if he wanted to. He’s probably suffering on purpose for his art. That’s even crazier than turning on the heat at 76 degrees.


Btw, when I wake up to 69 degrees or less, I’ll be done with acting tough. I’ll just crank that heater up. And drink coffee. And tea. And put on wool socks.

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I’m cold too. In Henderson, Texas, East Texas. Sitting in my office wishing I could be home crocheting or knitting, or quilting. I do have on socks, but sure could use these you previewed here. Think I will try knitting once again. Thanks, and hope you get warm, say around May 15, 2016, right?


That picture ‘looks’ like my feet ‘feel’ when the weather turns cold. Here in central Alabama it was 46 when I got up and now it’s 80. Most definitely a sock morning. Funny how cooler weather spurs certain urges like completing the sweater in my WIP bag. One sleeve and a little assembly and done. Now I won’t feel guilty when I’m at the LYS Friday buying enough wool to make several pairs of the new-found crochet sock pattern.


I hate cold. Winter or AC, doesn’t matter. I don’t do cold. BUT! I do have a pair of hand knit alpaca socks that see a lot of use all winter.
The freezing feet in the painting really need that cat to cuddle into. Cats give out an amazing heat. Even my feet can’t take alpaca socks with a cat on top.

I’m the total opposite, & it’s completely miserable. Cold people can layer up (try starting with silk) & eventually get comfortable. I can strip down to nothing & still be hot. & arrested. & scare children Plus it’s cruel to have the desire for knit socks that are too hot to wear. Ditto for sweaters. I live in Massachusetts & wool sock weather for me is when the highs are in the 20s (yes, farenheit!) 76°? I’m cranking the air conditioner. 69°? I’m thinking about a tshirt instead of a tank top. & NO ONE sympathizes! You guys are lucky

First day of wearing socks for me today – but temperatures are near freezing in the morning for a few days already. Yesterday I finally decided it was time to put my Swedish clogs into rest for the winter. 🙂