Scans of Vintage Patterns

Free Scans of Vintage Patterns

Getting a digital copy of an old vintage pattern is a very nice thing. Its usually a thing that you have to pay for. Most collectors of old pamphlets and magazines with vintage patterns are selling (digital) copies of those patterns. But not all of them. Some give them away.

I have a few scans of vintage patterns to share here at Roving Crafters. I love vintage. I love the unique look of those older designs, but I also love all the quirky details of the patterns themselves. Most of all, I love the idea a keeping an old pattern alive and in circulation. Crochet and knitting and spinning have always made me feel connected to the past. Vintage patterns just feeds that passion.

So for today I have the Summer Frost Doily.

Summer Frost Doily - a free vintage pattern

As you can see on the right side, crafters were instructed to “cut out and save this page”. And they did. Consequently I have no idea where it came from. I went looking on the internet for more information and found… that another blogger had also shared, for free, a scan of this pattern.

KittyandMeDesigns posted this pattern. According to her, its from The Farm Journal and she estimates it was published in the 1940’s. More importantly, she has a other scans of vintage patterns that she has published.

Ah ha! Making scans of vintage patterns available for free is a thing (is what I thought when I saw her collection). So I went looking and found a few other collections from various bloggers and put together this round up. It was a bit tricky (for me) to track them down since they are hidden in a sea of for-sale offers on etsy and ebay. But the vintage freebies are out there in all their black and white faded yellow glory. I applaud these fellow bloggers for their work and their generosity even if they did steal my idea before I had it.

(All images below are offsite links to the patterns. Just click ’em and go get your vintage!)



In addition to the Summer Frost Doily from above, she has:

The World's Fair Table Cloth - a vintage crochet pattern
World’s Fair Table Cloth Pattern originally published by The American Thread Company.
Novelties in Crocheting - a vintage crochet pattern
Novelties in Crocheting, originally published in The Designer (early 1900’s)
Viborg Edge for Curtains - a vintage crochet pattern
Viborg Edge for Curtains, originally published in The Ohio Farmer


She might have more. That lady has been blogging steady for 8 years has mountains of posts.

The RetroStop

Crochet and Knit Jackets - two vintage patterns
A Crochet Shrug and a Knit Spenser from 1952. No source given.
Crochet collar and belt - vintage pattern
A Crochet Collar and Belt pattern from the 1950’s. No source given.

Vintage Crafts And More

This is the mother lode for scans of vintage patterns. While Vintage Crafts and More is a site dedicated mostly to selling scans of vintage patterns, they publish a freebie every Friday. 

You can start with this link here, which starts with the most recent Friday Freebie and goes back to all the archived posts (look for the “Older Posts” link at the bottom). That archive has lots of crochet, some knitting, some embroidery, some quilting… I went back a few months and got completely overwhelmed by the selections. Then I got distracted by their most popular freebie download:

Lace Valentine - a vintage crochet pattern
Lace Valentine – a bedspread motif published in Lily Crochet Cotton circa 1940.


Isn’t that just outstanding? In the blog post at the link you’ll find some stitch instructions and a pdf download for the one page pattern for that motif.


So have fun wasting many hours hunting and pecking and downloading more scans of vintage patterns than you can every reasonably need. I did!

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Yay, vintage!

I was skeptical about that pattern stating “complete directions on this page”. I’m going through my ‘vintage’ stuff now. So many older patterns are so confusing! Like that Viborg Edging – “make a row of buttonhole effect”… What?!

It’s like putting together a puzzle or solving a mystery. It can be tedious, but I love it. Thanks for reviving your vintage patterns and sharing more!


I love the vintage patterns…. over the years I have been able to collect some vintage pattern books and also have some that were my grandmothers!! Thank you for sharing these!!!!!


Those vintage crocheters were better crafters than I am and they must have had better glasses. No other explanation fits.


I love these patterns, they are fantastic! I love the idea of keeping vintage patterns alive!


Thank you fot sharing these and breathing new life into them. I love vintage crochet but those patterns are such buggers. My grandmother was an obsessive crocheter and tatter using feed sack string and I don’t remember seeing her with a pattern. Maybe I just didn’t know then what I was looking at.