What to Make This Holiday


And I’m not talking about food or family plans. I’m talking about what to make this holiday with your yarn. Because you’re going to need a project to get you through Thanksgiving. Fortunately I have a suggestion!

Whatever it is that currently occupies the honorable place as your “main” WIP may or may not be a good holiday project. Thanksgiving is often filled with travel. Either you are going somewhere to stuff your face or hordes of people are coming to you to stuff their face. If the hordes are showing up on your doorstep then you probably won’t have time to make a single stitch so don’t worry about it. I’m surprised you have time to read this post at all.


But if you are one of the traveling, face-stuffing hordes, consider using this occasion to make an Almost Lost Washcloth and/or its crochet copy aka Circle Point Washcloth. Any washcloth makes a great travel project. Its small. It needs just one ball. These two particular washcloths are easy enough that after you make one or two points, you’l have the pattern memorized and won’t need to carry it along with you. Finally they are just interesting enough to keep your attention.

Here are official photos (each pic is a link to the pattern so just click ’em) from the designers to convince you that, yes, you need to make these:

The Almost Lost Washcloth for knitters
Circle Point washcloth for crocheters


So while you are on your best behavior at someone else’s house, you can have something in your hands to distract you from

  • that burning need to get up and start doing dishes (just to be helpful)
  • the playful discussion about politics that you KNOW will turn in to a shouting match in 4.7 seconds
  • the most boring game of football in the history of the Earth

If you want to finish these off and present it as a surprise gift to your overworked host and hostess (because that would make you look both talented and generous and you would win Thanksgiving) then bring a tapestry needle. These washcloths are made in wedges…

Cicle Point washcloth

.. and once you have enough edges you sew the bind-off edge to the cast-on edge and close up the center hole.


So grab a ball of cotton and some needles or a hook. Then you can kick back and stuff your face while ignoring the dishes, the amateur political analysts, and that tragedy of a game which is still the screen on but absolutely no one is watching anymore.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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How “thankful” I am for your creative mind. Always thinking of things to improve our lives and times.


I’m not going anywhere but these are cute enough to work on right from home.
Have a wonderful peaceful Thanksgiving.


These are cute! I’ll have to bring them to our knit/crochet group. Your leaf pattern continues to be a huge hit with them. One’s doing them in red for Christmas, others are just doing fall colors. So far, just washcloths and coasters, though at least two plan to do placemats eventually.


Staying home and cooking so I’ll be having a bit of yarn withdrawal along with my turkey. These are really cute patterns. Thanks and I hope you have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!


I agree these are very cute!