Since You are Giving Stuff for Christmas… LABEL IT!

Free and cheap labels to add to your handmade gifts

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All year long I have waged a slow but steady campaign to convince you to stop making so many things for other people. It didn’t work did it? You’re sitting there with 18 gifts-to-be that have to be done in time for the holidays, aren’t you? Don’t lie. I can see that pair of little-boy sized socks you are trying to hide behind your back.

Its okay. I’m not mad. I’ll agree to accept you for who you are, a sentimental squish-squish with CGD (compulsive generosity disorder), if you agree to label all your handmade gifts. Make the effort at least to inform your recipients this year that they are getting a one-of-a-kind, handmade-with-love, preciously crafted present. Stop expecting the oafish loved one, that you love so very much, to realize what it takes to make a pair of little-boy sized socks and just freaking tell them.

Tell them in writing. With a label. That is in some way attached to your gift. So they don’t miss it.

I have these custom made embroidered labels to put in my stuff, btw.

I would tell you to get something like this but its too late. These took months to come it and you need some labels NOW.


Some Labels for your Handmade knits and Crochet

(Starting with some freebies and working our way up to my favorite. Please note that most of the freebies are marked as for personal use only, like when gifting to a lovable oaf.) 


a free printable from Cobberson & Company


a free printable from Knitpicks


free printable from Craftsy

Actually, here is a link to all the free printables from Craftsy. You might want to bookmark that.


a free printable from KnitLove. Yes you do need to grab that one FOR SURE.


But all of those are the type that you attach with a bit a yarn. It gets cut off. It gets tossed away. It gets forgotten. What you really need it the kind that you sew on/iron on so its there forever.

Blumenthal Iron-On Labels via amazon

And my personal favorite. Its brief but it gets the point across.

from KnitPicks



Try adding one of these to your handmade gifts this year. Add two or three or even all of them.  You’re not being pushy or obnoxious or a smart-ass. Okay, well some of these are pretty smart-ass. But no. You are merely pointing out to your oaf that you love them. A lot. Enough to make that gift stitch by stitch.



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I actually bought labels for my knitted gifts this year! And I am so printing that hang tag to go with the Sylvi Jacket I made for my Sister-in-law (though I know she’ll appreciate it, it is after all why I still knit for her.) I had to stop the KAL because I don’t know how to strand knit, and with all the projects I need to finish by Christmas *looks guilty* I don’t have energy for another new technique 🙁 But…. could you maybe cover it in Sunday stitch? That might get me going again!


Labels are a great idea. I bought some of the iron on LoveLabels to sew on but could never find anything that didn’t bleed to write my name on the label. Where did you have your labels made? On the subject of possible future tutorials … I am proceeding along with attempt to learn (learned very basics years ago befoe I picked up the hooks) to knit. But I cannot wrap my brain and needles around the long tail cast on. So if you ever feel so inclined. …


Until Jen gets a chance here’s a good video on it 🙂


Oooh thank you so much! I never tried that site but I will.


Thank you so much! Never tried that site.


Some people need more than a label.
Bless their hearts. A good solid thunk upside the head is what they need.


And those are the people who get NO MORE KNITTED GOODIES!!


Thanks for all the links to labels, downloaded and ready to use


I just about rolled on the floor laughing! CGD! I have it SO BAD! But after your post about your “friends” putting the handmade item on their dog, which made me tear up on your behalf, I started really thinking and decided to take your message to heart. I screen possible recipients now and make things only for those I think have at least a chance of appreciating them. And I’m learning to make more things for myself! Thanks!