The Feline Overlord Helps with Blocking a Handknit

Feline Overlord helps with blocking

So Christmas is coming on fast and I have too much to do. It seems that the days are getting shorter and shorter. There is lots and lots to be done and most of it is for other people.

But I did manage to get one thing done for myself. And then I blocked that something. And then a certain Feline Overlord came along and rolled all over that something.

Feline Overlord on my handknit shawl

This went on for quite some time.

Feline Overlord rolls around on my handknit shawl

And I sat back and happily snapped off a dozen pictures.

Feline Overlord loves handknits

I suppose there are knitters out there who would not appreciate having a cat roll all over their freshly made, personally designed, knit with hand dyed yarn, shawl.

Feline Overlord helps block a handknit shawl

But I’m not one of them.

Feline Overlord on the handknits

I’ve been a bit stressed lately and this was just what I needed to get some preservative. Most of my Christmas stuff will get done. Some of it will not. I need to take a break and enjoy what does get done. And I can do that by rolling back and forth on top of those things while shedding as much hair as possible.

Or, you know, whatever the human equivalent would be.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Every girl needs daily Pilates SMILE Helen

Thank you for your posts. None of my friends crochet (or knit), so your posts are like hearing from a friend with similar interests. You have a real talent for humor as well as mad skills with fibers! We just adopted a 1 1/2 year old manx mix, named Bob Loblaw (listen to someone say his name – makes me chuckle every time I hear it ;). Bob Loblaw in the 3 weeks we have had him, has begun manifesting feline overlord characteristics. He is utterly fascinated by yarn. He has a voiceless meow, but is the loudest purrer I… Read more »

I feel the same way Julie does. I watch for your posts amongst all the sale emails and stuff that bombards my inbox this time of year and always smile when I see them. I save them to read last and to enjoy, like a cup of hot cocoa!

Kerry (beluke on Rav)
Kerry (beluke on Rav)

Well there’s no doubt that someone loves your new shawl! Actually when the Feline Overlord tires of it (or mealtime arrives) there’s no doubt that a LOT OF someones will love that shawl!

I’m afraid I can’t work out how to track back on posts. Did you mention somewhere what pattern you have used here? It looks great!! (I’m not usually a fan of garter stitch, but I’ve just made a couple of Boomerangs and they are sure helping to covert me.)


Yes, cats do have their own way of helping. She had to show you how much she loved your work! I wonder if you could get enough fur from her in a good brushing to knit a pair of mittens??? Sure is a fluffy cat!!!


I love your cat! We had a black and white tuxedo cat who, when in the sun, was very close in color to yours. Black cats rule! (and dark browns too!)