Being Parallel – a new pattern and a free download code

Being Parallel - a knit shawl pattern

Happy Friday and let’s make with the freebie.

I have a new pattern. And when I have a new pattern… you have a new pattern! That’s because my readers always get a chance at a free download. Them’s the rules.

I do hope you like it.

Being Parallel – a knitsbyjenn pattern


Being Parallel - a knitsbyjenn pattern
Being Parallel – a knitsbyjenn pattern

So head on over to the ravelry pattern page

  • add it to your favorites (because every click there helps me out)
  • choose the “buy it now” option
  • and apply this coupon code: parallel-lines

The code is good until midnight (CST) on Dec 20, 2015. That is a bit longer than I normally let these promotions run but… its the holidays and things are crazy. I thought I add on some time to this one.

Being Parallel is a shawl and I have to say, I kind of love it. I love the fabric, the texture, in this pattern. I love the gentle curve along the upper edge because that keeps it on my shoulders. Most of all I like the easy-peasy color work.

Being Parallel - a knit shawl pattern

Slip stitch color work, like the kind employed in this design, is so much easier than stranded knitting. After all, you only have to knit with one color at a time.  And unlike stranded knitting, slip stitch work can lend some interesting texture too. So I combined those two things, color work and texture, and got a result that I really liked.

To make this shawl you are going to need two colors in fingering weight. For Color A, the main color, you will need about 700 yards. For Color B you’ll need about 400 yards. I used Noti Yarn, an Austin based hand dyer that is just getting started, to make mine. Use any two colors that show well together and you’ll be set for a great shawl.

Being Parallel - a knit shawl pattern

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Cindy C

Thank you Jenn for the new pattern. I love seeing the final product after all the little hints that have been in the photos for the past few months.


Beautiful shawl! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Where can you purchase Noti Yarn?


Saw the shawl in person and it is truly beautiful. Went to Noti yarns as well and the yarns are yummy.


Love your blog and love this new parrern. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. Have a Very Merry Christmas!


Love it! Thanks for sharing this pattern. Happy Holidays to you and your felines :D)