The Time the Good Fairy Showed up to Finish the Spinning… and how it totally sucked

The Good Housewife - a Spinning in Cowgirl Boots tale

Let’s have a Spinning in Cowgirl Boots!

The Good Housewife and Her Night Helpers is a Scottish tale of a woman who was up late at night (again) with her spinning and wished that someone would come to finish it all for her. Unfortunately for her someone did. Actually a dozen someones showed up one night to spin and weave and full (aka felt) and do all her yarn-y chores for her. They also ate her out of house and home, drove her crazy, and wouldn’t leave. And her sluggard of a husband slept through the whole thing.

Enjoy this old Scottish folk tale, told as I ply up some handspun yarn while fending off the Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord. Yes, the bad kitty makes a special guest appearance in this Spinning in Cowgirl Boots and does her very best to derail the video… but I manage in the end.



P.S. The artwork I show here was not created for The Good Housewife tale. Its an illustration in Des Cleres et Nobles Femmes, a French manuscript published in 1403 by Giovanni Boccaccio. But I thought it fit the story so I used it.

P.S.S. If you like these sort of tales, you can find more in my collection of Spinning in Cowgirl Boots posts.

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12 Comments on "The Time the Good Fairy Showed up to Finish the Spinning… and how it totally sucked"

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What a wonderful story. You are an excellent storyteller which is an art in and of itself. Feline Overlord could definitely handle any faeries. It is not surprising he is Feline Overlord as he is gorgeous and I am certain he know it:) I may be nearing 60, but I have never lost my love of good stories being told by a good storyteller. Thank you!!!


I have to agree, that was a great story !! Now I know how to get rid of those pesky fairies, when they start bugging me. We also have three feline overlords, and they are oh so helpful on that kind of situation. I could sit and watch you spin for hours on end. Thanks for all of your work.


No chance faeries, either good or bad, will come to my house. I’ve never gotten out of anything in my life.
Well…Sin. But chores? Never.
Now my cats? They are so very lazy I’m not sure they would care.


I so enjoy your stories and love watching you spin. You are a natural at story telling. That Feline Overlord is absolutely precious. I have a thing for black cats. Love them! Yes bad kitties are better than fairies any day. Actually, they’re better than a lot of things and/or people I can think of.


Your folk tales are fabulous. Love your Overlord, so very pretty. My feline overlord is still a juvenile, but he has mastered the art of “messing with yarn” and interfering with anything resembling yarny progress. He likes to help himself to cable needles, stitch markers, pencils, small scissors, pattern pages, etc., anything to make a total pest of himself. I am sure that he could terrorize any fairies that tried to hang out here, if the canine contingent didn’t beat him to it. LOL