Never Fear, The Yarn Wranglers Are Here!

Where to get help with that tangled yarn

I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about a world-wide group of volunteers that may one day save your life. Or your toddler’s life. Or your dog’s life. Or at least your sanity.

Knot A Problem

Meet the members of Knot A Problem, a ravelry group that volunteers to untangle your yarn and mail it back to you. The bigger the mess your yarn has gotten into, the happier they seem to be. Yes really. They refer to these messes as “projects” and “extra Christmas presents”. Here is a selection of some volunteers’ most recent work:

Yarn wangle preformed by sweetph3
This epic yarn wrangle preformed by Teallynn
Want to see more “tangle porn”? Head over to the Tangle Porn thread!


Now I have untangled yarn. I’ve probably untangled miles of it. I worked on the pink stuff at the top in fact. For me its a duty and a fact of my yarn-filled life. But its not a project. In fact, for me, its time away from my projects. But for some its relaxing and fun and very satisfying work.

I personally know two members of Knot A Problem and when I asked them about the appeal of untangling yarn they both started talking about math. Yarn Wrangler Number One has looked into the mathematics of how yarn tangles and what lengths of yarn can be stored loosely with each other without tangling. Yarn Wrangler Number Two sees a yarn mess as a math problem that has to be solved step by step until she arrives at a solution. Now I like math. I like math a lot and the next time I have to untangle a whole skein of lace weight yarn I’ll try to think of it as a math problem. But I’ll probably still hate it.

Aren’t us non-Yarn Wranglers lucky that we have people like this? Yes. Yes we are. So here is how it works:

How to Find A Yarn Wrangler

From the moderator, Spirals:

  1. A person with a tangle can either: a) Create a post (preferably with a picture of said tangle) and request anyone to volunteer to detangle it. b) Go to the Detanglers by Location page, locate, and Private Message a Detangler directly with a request to detangle yarn.
  2. If you create a post, please PM the person you choose, and then post in the thread that you have found someone to detangle your yarn.
  3. A person with a tangle is responsible for the cost of shipping to and from a detangler (unless of course a meet up is coordinated).
  4. Detanglers often like small tokens of appreciation for their volunteer work. A person with a tangle can inquire with a detangler what he/she might like – but is no way obligated to provide anything but shipping costs.

Do look over that list by location. You might find someone you know. I did.

How to Become a Volunteer Yarn Wrangler

You make a post in the group to this thread. They will need:

your one, primary location, please include State and/or Country and/or Region.

How to Deal With the Yarn Mess Right In Front Of You

So maybe you’re not ready to offer your services to the world. Maybe you just want to tackle the misbehaving yarn in your stash.

And when all that fails (like after 5 minutes right?) you just go to Knot A Problem and beg for help. Then a Yarn Wrangler rides in and saves your life, sanity, yarn. How awesome is that?


Which is why the volunteers of Knot A Problem get filed under Stuff Jenn Likes. 

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I LOVE untangling yarn! (as long as it’s not lace… I usually give up on sport/lace when it gets too bad). It is indeed a very zen thing, but I rarely need to do it unless I caused the mess myself as my FO is old and not terribly interested in (or cannot see) the yarn.


I don’t mind untangling my yarn but it’s nice to know that there are those out there who like to untangle yarn as a fun project! If I ever get a big mess that may come in handy


I’ve been working on an entire ball of #10 thread that got tangled together with a ball of fuzzy stuff… And by “working”, I mean I haven’t touched it in a month. I may have to use their services before this one drives me crazy! It’s starting to look hopeless, and I’ve been considering (gulp) throwing it away.

Oh man I have had a few really tangled messes and I have loved every second of detangling the messes and possibly have taken longer untangling it intentionally but not for same reason as some lol. Though I never really thought about it as a math problem though that makes since as well. To me it’s like life sometimes a tangle Web that has been weaved and thrown down a few cliffs and each time a section us untangled it’s one step moving forward out of what looked like a bad situation in life and when you have the finished… Read more »