Sated Sheep Throws My Kind of Party

Grand Opening at The Sated Sheep

It won’t surprise anyone who knows me in the least to hear that I’m not much of a party person. The kind of parties single people like me go to are either terribly boring or terrifically anxiety inducing. Sometimes they manage to be both. I think I stopped enjoying most social gatherings when they stopped handing out bubblegum favored ice cream cake and paper whistles.

But The Sated Sheep threw a party this weekend and I kind of, sort of, had to go. I’m scheduled to teach several classes there in the coming weeks so it was expected that I show up for the big party. Also my good friend and owner of Noti Yarn was having her very first trunk show. Had to go and support that didn’t I? So off I went to my party and… I had a great time. But don’t be too surprised.

It was my kind of party.

Gran Opening party at The Sated Sheep

It was a yarn with wine party. Of course I had a good time! (It probably won’t surprise anyone who knows me in the least to hear that I skipped the wine because the shop owner offered me coffee instead. The Sated Sheep has a a mini-coffee bar as well as wine and beer and sodas. Oh yes. For me it was a yarn and COFFEE party.)

Grand Opening at The Sated Sheep

That swift was working all day winding up customer’s new yarn.

I met some great new knitters and crocheters while I was there. I met up with a dozen or so that I already knew too. I also ran into a knitter that I had lost touch with, hadn’t seen in nearly two years, and that was awesome. So awesome that we both cried a little. Then we hugged, talked at each other way too fast, exchanged numbers, and made promises to never let that happen again. Finding old friends is wonderful isn’t?


I tell you what else is pretty wonderful. Walking into a shop and seeing this:

Trickery Stole on display at The Sated Sheep
Trickery Stole – a knitsbyjenn pattern

Hey. I made that.

Actually Trickery is one of the classes I’m on the schedule to teach so its great to see it up and on display. I just wasn’t expecting it. But it reminded me that there should be a hat of mine around somewhere…

Meshed hat on display at The Sated Sheep
Meshed – a knitsbyjenn pattern

Found it. I’m teaching a class on that pattern too.

I also found my Noti Yarn friend and her table. Actually it was darn easy to find. They had her right at the front door!

Grand Opening at The Stated Sheep
The Noti Yarn table

So pretty. So much color. Guess what? Noti Yarn had a great day. The Sated Sheep sold almost all of the Noti inventory they had in the shop and Noti Yarn had better stop reading this blog post and go dye more yarn. Knitters are waiting.

(And yes, that’s another one of my patterns, lol. The green thing hanging left of center is my Old Vine Stole. I’m not teaching that one. Not yet….)

And there was more. Lot’s more.

Bronotta Yarns on Display at The Sated Sheep
Bronotta Yarns, the shops biggest seller and a local indie dyer.

They carry Bronotta Yarns, which might sound familiar. Bronotta is a local indie handdyer. I’ve mentioned her several times. I made that chartreuse and sage Trickery in Bronotta.

Manos Yarns on display The Sated Sheep.

The Sated Sheep carries Manos Yarns. I like Manos.

Malabrigo Yarns at The Sated Sheep

They carry Malabrigo too. I really like Malabrigo. One of my friends bought some of that.

Speaking of my friends, one of them won a door prize. The shop was giving out prizes every hour you see. I didn’t win anything. I never do. But I have a friend who won this poncho kit in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. That was fun.

Poncho kit door prize from Rowan Yarns

She won’t share it with me. I already asked.

Gina yarns and a Sweater Stone purchased at The Sated Sheep
What I bought at The Grand Opening Party at The Sated Sheep

And here (saving it for the end) is what I bought. I bought Gina by Plymouth Yarns in colorways 0003 & 0009 and a sweater stone. I used Gina in that Meshed hat above and really liked it. I love the colors and it has this way of blooming and getting puffier when its washed. Its much softer then Noro Kureyon, the yarn its obviously competing with. And at $6 a ball, its a good value. So I bought more of that.

That Sweater Stone? I’ve never tried one. Its a pumice stone and I hear they work wonders at removing pills from hand knits. Supposedly they make a worn out knit look fresh and new again. I have a few sweaters and socks that needed freshening up so I’ll put it to the test and report back.

Shameless Self Promotion

Here is my schedule at The Sated Sheep:

Trickery Part 1: Getting started with slip-stitch colorwork – Saturday Feb 20th from 1:30 to 3:30

Meshed Hat: Exploring Cables and Color –  Saturday, Feb 27th from 1:30 to 3:30

Trickery Part 2: Short Rows and how to make it look like intarsia – Saturday March 5th from 1:30 to 3:30

Patterns are included in the class fee along with in-shop and on-line support any time. Come join me if you can!

And here is the link to all the classes and events and fun at The Sated Sheep. They have stuff going all the time. Or just come hang out. If you live in the area, you really should be there, all the time, drinking coffee/wine/beer/soda and playing with yarn. No excuse needed.

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I wish I lived close enough to at least visit. But Alas, I would love to take one of your classes. So glad you had fun. We all need more of that.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

OMG! I just got your note about the Sated Sheep, and I am going berserk clicking on yarns you’ve mentioned. How I wish I lived closer to you so that I could take some of your classes!


Sounds like y’all had fun. glad you will be teaching trickery soon. I just love it


Sorry I missed you but I did buy some Noti yarn and she needs to get busy because it was hard to decide what colors to buy and there were definitely some other colorways I liked.


I’m with you on hating parties; but as you say, it was your kind of party (and sounds like mine) and I’m glad you had a good time. Love that meshed hat and just assumed you had made it from some really expensive Indie-hand-dyed yarn! $6 a ball sounds like a bargain :D)