How To Cast On with Two Colors

Cast On with Two Colors - a free tutorial

Let’s cast on with two colors. Because we can.

Not many knit patterns call for a two color cast on. Its helpful in starting double-sided knitting projects or two color ribbing. It adds a nice touch to two-color brioche. But, no, its not an everyday cast on. Even when it is called for in a pattern, you can usually fudge your way out of it.

So why make a Sunday Stitch tutorial for a Two Color Cast On?

  • Because its easier than you might think.
  • And its fun.
  • And I like to play with color.
  • Andย maybe sometime you’ll need it.

This technique is in the long tail family of cast on’s. To work it, you set up with a strand of each color in your long tail “sling shot”. To get the first color on the needle, just cast on in the normal long tail way. To get the second color, you’ll work a reverse long tail cast on.

That probably sounds like un-helpful goobly gook. Which is why we have video tutorials!

How to Cast On with Two Colors


Hope you give it a try. I think you’ll find its not hard to get the trick of this cast on. And once you’re comfortable with it… here are two patterns, available for free by very generous designers, that you can now knit. Because you needed a new project didn’t you? I thought you might.

Tonight by Caoua Coffee, a free knit pattern with a two color cast on
Tonight by Caoua Coffee


BEBEB Scarf by Nancy Marchant, a free knit pattern with a two color cast on
BEBEB Scarf by Nancy Marchant

Like free video tutorials? Me too. I have more for you to check out or you can just come back every Sunday for the new Sunday Stitch.


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Rae and napping Alexandria
Rae and napping Alexandria

I’ve used this a time or two ๐Ÿ™‚ Might I suggest a tutorial on infinity long tail cast-on? It’s SO useful especially with blankets or anything with a lot of stitches. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for the video! That’s my go-to stretchy cast on (in one color)
Brioche is on my list of things to try, too ? I just wish your camera would focus on your hands instead of the table under them (naughty camera) Thank goodness your videos are sooo worth that slight inconvenience (I love them)


Oh those socks are calling to me! I think it may require a little practice piece first though. And also I must finish the other socks I am in the middle of, …but they really are something special!

Thanks again Jenn, I have a book on Broche knitting but have not had a chance to try it yet. In fact, I haven’t even tried color work/intarsia knitting yet. Now I have no excuses to postpone delving into these types of knitting. I love your tutorials and the stories you write on knitting history. The tutorials are easy to follow and duplicate, and I find the stories you tell on knitting history fascinating. You’re my new best friend/ my go to buddy. Hope you have a wonderful day. Until tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚