Not Intarsia – knitted fingerless gloves that only look hard

Not Intarsia Finglerss Gloves - a knitsbyjenn pattern

They say Mondays are the most hated day of the week. Gee I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with staying up too late on Sunday night knitting and watching TV. Maybe it has to do with throwing yourself back into rush hour traffic after two glorious days off. It might even have something to do with hating your job just a tinsy, weeny bit.

Which is why I try to get myself organized enough to publish new patterns on Monday. People who are looking for a break from their Misery Monday will play on the internet. I want that. I want them to come here and find something good… like a coupon code for a free copy of my newest pattern. 

And this Monday I did. I got myself all organized and I have that coupon code ready for ya. Hope it brightens up your day.

Not Intarsia - a fingerless glove knit pattern
Not Intarsia – a knitsbyjenn pattern

The Code: Not Intarsia

Good Until: Wednesday March 9th at noon Central Standard Time

The Give-A-Away is done. But I hope you’ll like the pattern enough to buy it! 

You can find the pattern for sale, regularly $2.99, on ravelry. If you would, click on that add to favorites button in the upper right. All those clicks help get the pattern ranked up and that makes me happy on a Monday. Then add the pattern to your cart, apply the coupon code, and enjoy your new pattern!


After much (useless) crudgeling of my brain, I decided to just name them Not Intarsia. Not very clever I know. But nearly everyone who saw these little mitts assumed they were intarsia so I wanted to get that across right up front to my knitters. Its not. Its much easier than that.

Not Intarsia fingerless gloves

The effect is made with slip stitch color work, aka mosaic knitting. The cuffs are slip stitch colorwork in the round. The middle is slip stitch color work in short rows. Yes rows. Its different, but not hard. You’ll need two circular needles for that section.

The pattern is made with two colors of fingering weight, aka sock weight, yarn. It includes options for four sizes so you should find one that fits. Check your gauge. (You won’t. I know that. I just feel like I should say “check your gauge”. I suppose that comes from being a teacher for too long.) Then arm your self with the right size needle (two of them actually), three stitch markers, and a tapestry needle.


And if you like these mitts, you might check out Trickery. Its another pattern of mine that’s not intarsia but more slight-of-hand with slip stitch color work.

Trickery – a two-color stole that uses stripes, slipped stitches, and short rows to create some neat effects.


Happy Happier Monday!

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The name actually caught my attention in Ravelry. Then I noticed the designer and checked in to see what they were about. So I’d say it’s effective. As are the color choices you made.


Ravelry just charged me for the pattern. There was no text box for the code.


Thanks for the cute pattern!!

Cindy C

Thanks Jenn. Pattern is sweet.

Shirla Ghadaki

These are pretty. Thank you for the pattern. This is one I will actually make.