Yarn in the mail – a box opening

We Are knitters box opening

I got yarn in the mail. I actually got more than that. I got a whole kit from We Are Knitters. They are all about the kits. Each one is designed to include everything you need to make a project: yarn, needles, pattern, and any notions/accessories it may require.

So really I got yarn plus extra stuff in the mail. That’s always fun. Shopping in a store is fun too but shopping for yarn (and stuff) online means that you get a box. Your kitties get to sniff that box, sit on that box, chase each other off that box. And eventually you, the knitter, get to open that box and see what’s inside. 

Kitties love to get new boxes

So let’s do that. Let’s open the box.

One small note: Twice in this video I call the needles in this kit “15’s” They are in fact 15 mm which translates to a US 19. In my head I’m always thinking of knit needles in terms of their measured diameter and not their silly, arbitrary, meaningless,  widely used and accepted US size name. Most of the time I can keep it all in my head and don’t let it come out my mouth so as not to confuse people. But on this day it kept slipping out. Sorry about that. They are US size 19’s. 

Nice right? Right. Big yarn and big needles means fun times.

We Are Knitters kit

The Blueberry Muffin Snood and Headband kit from We Are Knitters
  • pattern on high gloss paper
  • 1 ball of The Wool in pink (color L647), 200g, 80 meters
  • US 19 wooden needles, 15 inches (38 cm) long
  • woven tag
  • tapestry needle


So I’ll be playing with this very soon. Very, very soon. I just need to get my last project/new pattern wrapped up and published (hopefully that will be tomorrow) and then I’ll be diving into my Blueberry Muffin Snood. Which will be pink. And I’ll probably call it a cowl.

But that’s not important. What is important is that I’m getting better at this blogger-who-occasionally-reviews stuff. This time when We Are Knitters reached out and asked if I’d try out their product, I said “yes… if you give my readers a discount code they can use at your store”. And they agreed. Ha! Told ya I’m getting better at this.

About the code:
  • the code: ROVINGWAK
  • it gets you: 20% anything in the store
  • good until: April 14, 2016
  • and I think you can use it more than once…

So when you are ready to check out, go to CHECKOUT (its that big black box at the bottom of your cart). Then if you look around you’ll find a drop down box for Discount Codes.

That’s where you use it. I also noted that We Are Knitters offers $12 off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter. So have it. They sell kits for knitters, kits for crocheters, and yarn separately.

And if you’re curious as to how extra bulky weight yarn works up, check back. I’ll be tackling that very soon.

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I love getting the boxes with all the goodies for a new project… just need to learn to finish one before I move on and not have so many going on at once!!! 🙂


I’ve been following that company for a while, but haven’t seen any of their projects made by someone I “know” – looking forward to seeing your experience!

Shirley Eagle

I’m glad to hear you say you’d probably call the “snood” a cowl, which it is, instead of a snood, which it is not. From everything I’ve ever heard, a snood is sort of a hair net for a bun, usually decorative. How did it get big enough to wrap around your neck??????


I enjoy reading all your posts and watched the video for this and went to the site to check them out. Found it very hard to follow-couldn’t just get descriptions of the yarns, just pics
Any ideas why


Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for the discount. The yarn looks really nice.