Cadence – a mega scarf knit pattern

Cadence - a mega knit scarf pattern

I like accessories that can be worn in different ways. They are versatile. They give me options. They make me feel like I’m more fashionable then I really am.

Cadence – a scarf big enough to wear any way you like

So I designed Cadence. Its 11 inches by 95 inches after blocking. That’s long enough to wear with a big comfy loop. Its also wide enough to drape over my shoulders and pin in place with a brooch.

Which reminds me, I designed a little brooch too.

Cadence’s brooch
And today I’m publishing the pattern! So, as l always do, I’m offering a limited-time coupon code good for one free download:
  • the pattern on ravelry: Cadence
  • the code: MEGA SCARF
  • good until: March 19th at noon (US Central Daylight Time)

(As always, I’m hoping you will add this pattern to your favorites in ravelry. Adding to favorites is how patterns get ranked up in the search engines and I appreciate every click!)


It requires 300g or 600 yds of worsted weight yarn. I made mine in two different colorways of Gina (by Plymouth Yarn Company) and Malabrigo Worsted in color natural. Gina is a long colorway yarn and it stripes all on its own. I just love the effect of breaking up that Gina with a solid color.

But you certainly don’t have to! Make yours in any three colors of worsted weight yarn. You do have to come back and let me know how it turned out. That’s a hard rule around here.

Cadence – a nice big scarf

Cadence, the mega scarf! How can you even resist?

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whoops. tried to get it with coupon code, it subtracted the cost to minus, but came up saying gobbledygook and no information. I tried again and it was going to make me pay (probably because it thought I already used the coupon). help!


What a wonderful scarf Jenn !! I would prefer this one in a solid colour, so that is the way I will knit it. The size being as it is, it would be very easy to translate it into other weights of yarn and needles, and just follow the pattern as is. Very cool. You have been coming out with new designs faster than I can make them, but this is definitely on my to do list. Thank you for being so kind.


I just love your generosity. And I love the idea of the brooch. At some point could you design a pattern for knitted flowers please? Thank you so much.


That looks so nice & cozy! Thank you so much for the code.


Love it! Might have to make one for next winter for the baby 😉 I always live an excuse to knit anything lol