May Sale Day 2 – GIMME WRAPS


I’m having some fun with my impromptu May Sale. Hope you are too. Today is wraps. These are my stoles, aka, shawls. They are all constructed from side to side, which makes them easy to size and adjust as needed. Also, side to side wraps are fun to knit. You get to see them grow in length and that keeps me stitching!


wraps on sale


And all three patterns are on sale for $1. (Just writing that makes me smile.)

How to get your patterns:

– Head over to ravelry and add these three patterns to your cart:

(If you’ve already purchased one of these patterns, it will count that towards this promotion.)

– Once you have all three patterns in your shopping cart, use this code: GIMME WRAPS

– That should adjust your total to $1!

– Get them before noon (US Central DST) May 4, 2016. That’s when the wrap sale ends.

And check back because I’ll have a different pattern sale starting at 12:01 AM (US Central DST) every day this week.
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Rae Bardon

Just ordered items for a memorial shawl for a friend or I’d be all over this ❤


You give three pattern links but next paragraph it says four (4) patterns in your cart. Can you help here?


disregard previous question, been to Ravelry, grabbed sale patterns, gone to look them over, thanks