Kitty Fun

Kitty fun

When I started this itty-bitty yarn blog it was all free. Free server, free host, free everything. Then my blog got less and less itty-bitty and I started having to pay for stuff. But that’s okay because

a) I love writing here

b) I found two ways to make it pay for itself (mostly). I set up affiliate deals two companies that I know and trust, and I started taking donations.

When someone makes a donation two things happen. First I blush with a silly amount of embarrassed pleasure. Second, I post a picture in the left sidebar of one of my cute, wicked kitties doing something cute and wicked. Its my way of saying thanks! (If you’re on a mobile device, it might not be on the left. It might be somewhere down below the post.)

This week a very sweet reader made a larger than usual donation to help support this site and I wanted to do something special for her. I wanted to post more than just one cute and wicked kitty picture.

I wanted to post a whole bunch of cute and wicked kitty pictures! So these are for Carla and I’m sure she is happy to share them with the world.

How do I come up with a whole bunch of cute and wicked kitty pictures on a moment’s notice? Easy. I just set my knitting stuff down and get my camera. The cute and wicked kitty fun usually happens within 90 seconds.

Here is my on-the-go knitting bag…

… which is really her bag. Of course.


These little bits of foam that I use to keep the stitches from sliding off?

Those things are the best kitty toys.

Then there is the actually knitting.

It gets claimed by her Royal Catness at least once a day.


Really it is a wonder that any knitting gets down around here.


Again thanks to Carla and to all the people who have sent donations to support this site. Every little bit helps. They also makes me feel so happy that I started this blog in the first place. Thanks for the love!


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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Thank you Carla! I love this blog and you have helped to make/ keep it happening.
God’s Blessings on you.


Dear Jenn,
Surely both your cats are wicked. Both of mine are. Where are the pics of the Cowardly Boy? A pic of him under the bed would be great. That is where both of mine run whenever I have guests.They do not approve of guests. Esp. of the male persuasion. Something about the timber of the male voice sends them running for safety.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee
I absolutely love the kitty pictures! They’re hilarious! I cannot knit out in the open, because my cats will snatch my yarn, needles, you name it. Of all the eight cats, one, Squeaker, who is totally blind, is the biggest culprit. He sneaks soundlessly to my side, I feel a tug at the yarn, I tug back, and Squeaker streaks off with the yarn in his mouth. I fling my knitting down, run after Squeaker, and by the time I’ve retrieved my yarn, all the other cats have been gamboling in whatever project I’m working on. Sooo, I have to… Read more »
I love your fur balls. I, myself, have two chihuahuas. But my daughter has 3 cats she adopted from the pound. I love all animals and if I lived in Texas where you live, I would have to have at least 5 acers so I could support an Arabian horse. What would we ever do without our small fur babies to keep us company and make us laugh at their antics. Wish you the best in your business ventures. If you keep it just as it is so your personality shines, you should be very prosperous. 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing! I came home from a rather rough day, and kitty pictures helped tremendously, especially as I cleaned up the mess BBC made of the kitchen.

What are the wonderful bits of foam? I’m sure you’ve said, but my brain has hit the delete key.