New Yarn Must Be Shared

New Yarn came and I'm sharing

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Perhaps the most important rule in my weekly sit-n-stitch group is that if any member gets new yarn, they have to bring it to the group. In fact, that might be our only rule. We’re pretty easy-going. But if someone mentions that they went to a yarn store, or got a shipment of yarn in the mail, they better have it with them! We all want to see it, pet it, touch it. Its impossible for any one knitter/crocheter to acquire all the nice yarn in the world (sad but true). So we compensate for that by sharing the experience of new yarn. It doesn’t quite make up for owning the new yarn yourself. But it helps.

I’m following that rule here. When I get new yarn, I share. I can’t pass the balls and skeins through the screen so you can fondle it all (which is what we do at my weekly groups) but I can make a post full of yarn porn detailed pictures.

Which is to say… I got new yarn and I need to play with it even though I have two projects demanding my attentions. Maybe this will fight off the urge to cast on for a few days.


Probably not.


The new yarn came in a bag and not a box. I know. The Feline Overlord was displeased too. I explained to her that she already had two empty cardboard boxes in my living room to play with. She never accepts my reasonable explanations and I should probably just not bother.

No box. Even so, she made do.

When new yarn gets delivered, kitty must get to inspect

After she, umm, scent marked the bag, rolled on top of it, and gave me the requisite dirty look, I got to retake possession of the bag. Here is what we got:

Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Colorway Matcha

Stroll is one of the more popular lines of yarn that Knit Picks makes. I’ve used Stroll before and I liked it. Then Knit Picks went and put out new colors, including this Matcha, and I just had to get more. Love this color.

Stroll Tonal in colorway Matcha
Stroll Tonal in colorway Matcha
  • 75% Superwash merino, 25% nylon
  • 100g & 462 yards
  • hand painted in subtle variegated shades
  • $10.99

I had no specific project in mind when I ordered this skein. Its hand painted yarn for $11. And they made new colors. How can anyone resist that?

Stroll tonal yarn in colorway Matcha


Diadem Solid Fingering in Colorway Argent Solid

Want to know how much of a yarn-geek I am? When I saw that two colors of Diadem were listed as “goodbye” and two more were listed as “low-stock” I immediately sent off a panicked email to the head marketing person at Knit Picks (I’m an affiliate and they have to put up with personal emails from me) demanding to know if this yarn was being discontinued. They said “no, Jenn, its not going anywhere”. Phew. So I only ordered one skein instead of… as many as I could afford.

Have you checked out Diadem? It glows. 

Diadem Solid Fingering in Colorway Argent Solid
Diadem Solid Fingering in Colorway Argent Solid
  • 50% baby Alpaca, 50% mulberry silk
  • 100g & 329 yards
  • soft spun single ply
  • $17.99

Diadem Solid Fingering Yarn in colorway Argent Solid

So I’m thinking a handkerchief shaped cowl, worn kind of cowgirl style. And I’m thinking it should be in a pattern that mimics the look of chain mail because I’m in love with that metallic sheen.

Cotlin DK in Colorways Sagebrush and Lichen

Cotlin was what I was planning to order. It was all I was planning to order. Those other two skeins were sort of an accident. I haven’t tried Cotlin before and it looked like the perfect summer yarn.

Cotlin DK in Colorways Sagebrush and Lichen
Cotlin DK in Colorways Sagebrush and Lichen
  • 70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen
  • 50g & 123 yards
  • $2.99

Cotlin yarn in colorways Sagebrush and Lichen

Tanguis cotton is a Peruvian cotton that has a longer than normal staple length. Supposedly it makes great yarn. Adding linen to cotton usually strengthens it and keeps it from getting all stretched out. So I’m thinking these two balls can be a shrug, a very simple, across the shoulders, shrug to wear in the warm months.

That’s the new stash. I feel better having played with it all. I don’t need to start three new projects tonight. This yarn can all go into the yarn closet until I’ve finished the projects I have going now.


Did you buy any of that? Yeah me neither. That must be why the new yarn hasn’t made it into the yarn closet yet.

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Oh Jenn, you are tempting me to order some new yarn for the stash!!! LOL


Please let us know how you like the Cotlin. I’ve got a summer cardigan pattern I want to knit with it, but don’t want to order the yarn not knowing how it is to work with.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I have purchased CotLin in the past and made at least one summer top out of it. It is wonderful yarn that makes great tops! And they really hold their shape. Of course, now that you’ve shown us the tone-on-tone Stroll yarn, I’m in love with that. I love tone-on-tone yarn. And I like knitting sweaters out of skinny yarn. Makes a project last longer, which for some weird reason I like. Anyway, thanks for adding to my Yarn Lust!

Yum! Diadem! Yum! Stroll anything, Yum! Anything KnitPicks, Yum! Well, almost anything. I wasn’t over the moon crazy in love with Lindy Chain. But, if there was only one yarn company in the world and it was KnitPicks, I’d be a very happy and content knitter! Thanks for sharing yarn porn with us today, Jenn. Makes me want to order more, more, more. Cats would second that for sure. No, wait. Still have an order coming in mail. Maybe tomorrow. 🙀 I’d better go finish working on craftsy class, How to do Portugeuse Knitting. Have to knit faster or I’ll… Read more »

Oh I love yarn porn. My knitpicks order keeps growing. Ya’ll answered my question on Cotlin. I’ve been eye balling that for a crochet summer top. Jenn, would the Diadem work for your Fasinator? I think the weight is smaller. Does it have much of a halo? Oh and that tonal in the Stroll is wonderful. My favorite green. Oh choices,choices. Thank you so much sharing. It really helps since I can’t pet it before buying.