Pixie Purses are true “quick knits”

The Pixie Purse knit pattern

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Lots of projects claim to be “quick knits”. They claim to be “the perfect pattern for when you need a last-minute gift”. In my experience most of those claims are big, fat lies. You start them thinking you can be done in time for the birthday/baby shower/Christmas morning but it never works out. Then you realize that your quick knit is really a 10 to 14 day knit and you have to run around like a kid who overdosed on their ADHD meds trying to come up with a non-yarny last-minute gift at literally the last-minute.

I think most of us have put ourselves through that experience. I probably put myself through that several times a year.

So I’m always on the lookout for quick knits (and crochets) that are actually quick. The Pixie Purse took me about 2 hours to knit up. Those two hours were spread out over a few days but I made a point to time myself. It was about two hours of work time from start to finish. I like that. Anything I can do in a single evening of TV binge-watching is a quick knit in my book.

I spent most of those two hours making the purse body of course.

The pattern has instructions for a large (fits a 3-inch purse frame) and a small (fits a 1.5-inch purse frame). I made the large. The pattern also includes instructions for striping in 2 contrast colors. But I didn’t bother with stripes and I’m sure that saved me a bit of time.

Then I grabbed my purse frame…

And used the cast-on tails to stitch the purse to the frame. Easy as π!


Now that I’ve made the one pixie purse, I have a plan. Its a plan that includes making more pixie purses, some with beads, some with a little color work, some with cables. If you know me in real life, try to act surprised when you get a pixie purse for your next birthday.

The Pixie Purse pattern is a design by Christina Wall and available only through Knit Picks (I think). Its made from the top down. You’ll need about 20 g of fingering weight (aka sock weight) yarn and US size 2 (2.75mm) needles. Skills required include

  • knitting in the round
  • ssk stitch
  • k2tog stitch
  • kfb (knit front and back) stitch

You’ll also need a purse frame. I found mine at Jo-Anns.

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It’s also available on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pixie-purses)


That is darling. Be sure to make some for yourself. I’ll be waiting to see the beaded version.


The pixie purse sure is cute, but what can you really fit into it? I doubt that my little phone would even fit, especially not with my keys. Probably knitting markers and such would fit.