Sun on a Sunday!

How to spend your Sunday

There ain’t no Sunday Stitch post this Sunday. I suppose I should apologize for that but it would be a fake apology. I try not to make fake apologies to people I like. (If I don’t like you I can fake-apologize all day and feel no shame!) I don’t really feel very sorry about blowing off a stitch tutorial because I’m thrilled, almost stupidly so, that the sun is out.

If you don’t live in Texas then it probably hasn’t bothered you that Texas has been hit with flooding rains over and over again. I can understand that. The heavy and non-stop rains have been hard to cope with for us Texans though. The property damage, the lost homes, even lost lives are a regular part of the news these days. We are coping. The government authority types aren’t declaring any official “federal-disaster-send-tax-payer-money” (yet) but all the rain is having an impact on businesses and families. And me.

So when the sky looked like this:

and the forecast looked like this:

I blew off making a stitch tutorial. Instead I went to a local Starbucks to sit outside and knit.

Yeah. I figured ya’ll would understand. I couldn’t pass up the chance to sit outside blinking under the bright sunlight and soak up some Vitamin D. Everyone else seems to have the same idea. I swear half of Austin has walked pass me to go in a get their Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino with a triple shot of espresso. Me? I just get a boring house grande with room for cream.

Honest, that is an actual Starbucks coffee under that coffee-cup sweater.

The cookies I snuck in from a nearby HEB grocery thus breaking the “no outside food rule”. Shhh. Don’t tell. Starbucks would never make anything so prosaic as an M&M cookie which is a crying shame because they are very tasty.

And the knitting is an opera length fingerless mitt pattern I’m working on. I’m making mine with Chroma Fingering weight yarn. Its a simple idea I had for making a tapered arm/sleeve that was comfortable enough to go over the elbow. It seems to be working and I just need to get it done and publish the pattern.

I better get back to that. Hope your Sunday is a pretty and sunny as mine.



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Poor Texas has been hit hard. Enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather. Really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the time and effort you take to keep it going.

Janet Roberts

So glad the weather broke! I have had everyone on my mind, I have others like you I have been worried about. The grande coffee with room, always a favorite. Good for you and the yummy cookies! Enjoy the weekend! I got family bringing dinner soon to the house, my youngest Sister and husband, the their son are here to brighten our day!!!


Enjoy yourself! I’m glad you guys finally have a pretty day to enjoy! We’re in the middle of ‘cloudy/rainy/thunder-y’ stuff here in the Northeast, but we haven’t had the deluges. Stay safe and grab that Vitamin D!!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I tottered outside, to sit on the porch with knitting, birdsong and my sweet Lady dog. Time to knock out more baby booties! Btw, thanks to you, I found perfect cotton at We Are Knitters. Thank you!


Oh wow glad you finally got some much needed sun and a respite from the deluge. Thanks for sending some rain our way. I garden a bit and it has really been suffering. I try to grow enough for homemade salsa and fried green tomatoes. You deserve a day in the sun. Never apologize for that. Enjoy!