Knit with Beads, Setting as you Work

knitting with beads tutorial

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If you’ve stuck with me in my beading adventures, then thanks. Here is the final tutorial in my series on how to add beads to your project.

There will be two more (obviously). I feel the need to ramble a bit on how to match the weight of your yarn to bead size, what kind of beads work best, and where you might like to place them in a project. Then I need to whip up a tutorial for the handspinners! They need to be adding sparkly beads to their work too.

But all that comes later. For now, let’s get to adding beads in our knitting.

The technique is this:

  1. You need to pull a live stitch off the left needle with a tool that has a bead at the ready.
  2. Use that tool to push a bead down onto the stitch so that it rests on the row below and sits like a collar around your stitch.
  3. Then put the stitch back on the left needle,
  4. and knit/purl it.

What tool you use is up to you and what you have on hand. My favorite is dental floss threader.

adding a bead to knitting usung a dental floss threader

So have at your knitting with those sparkly beads!

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11 Comments on "Knit with Beads, Setting as you Work"

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Wonderful !!! I am so excited to try the floss threaders for this. I’ve asked for them on the next shopping trip, as I do not shop. That really is a very clever idea. I think I like the last way the best. Thanks again for all of the great lessons. Hugs to you Jenn

Carol C

I love the second method! Have done the first, and it’ OK, but I’m not much of a pattern follower, so I love the freedom of adding whatever I want whenever I want. Thank you so much!


I do that differently! I knit the stitch, pull it off, add the bead, then replace the stitch on the right needle. I get more room from the running yarn to play with when I place the bead. This is so interesting! (I don;t think either way is right or wrong, just different 🙂 )


I love the floss threader trick!


I’m wondering if it’s at all possible to add beads to an already finished article? I have never tried it, but am tempted to add a border to a shawl I finished and add beads for some weight.