Because I had room in my yarn closet


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The things I do for you readers! The sacrifices I make!

So I went to my post office and, yes, my order from Knit Picks had come in. Happy day. I very (veryveryvery) much wanted to rip the bag open right there in the parking lot and check out my new yarn. Who wouldn’t? But I did not. In a display of impressive self-discipline, I decided to save that event until I was home and could get my camera ready. I wanted to share the open-the-bag-of-new-yarn moment with all of you, of course.

Because of that adult-like decision, I had to do all of these things before I was able to check out my new yarn:

  • go from the post office to the bank and pull out some money
  • go to the grocery store and give them my money in exchange for cat food (and cereal and pasta and strawberries but mostly cat food)
  • drive home
  • carry in all my groceries
  • leave all my groceries on the kitchen floor because cats always have to be fed IMMEDIATELY upon entering the home regardless of the time of day
  • put away the groceries
  • fix myself a cup of coffee


Then, then, I was able to sit down and open my bag of new yarn. I had some assistance with that.

Here is what we got:

Palette Yarn

  • 3 balls in Strawberry heather
  • 1 ball in Coriander heather

Palette is one of Knit Picks signature yarns and its always a good choice. Its 100% Peruvian wool in fingering weight. It comes in 50g balls and you get 231 grams per ball. Its nothing fancy, just a good, wool yarn. And its dirt cheap. As of this writing its all on sale but even when its not, Palette is a good value. At $3.49 (reg) per ball you can get a lot of wool with this yarn.

And these colors together are lovely, right? Right. I HAD to buy some of that Strawberry heather.

Palette yarn in colorways Strawberry heather and Coriander heather.

(No I don’t know what I’m going to make with it. It was on-sale-yarn. I did the impulse buy thing.)

CotLin DK

  • one ball in Whisper

CotLin DK is a DK weight yarn (shocker) made of 70% Tanguis cotton and 30% linen. You get 123 yards in each 50g ball and its also a very good price. When you consider that the Sugar’nCreme/Lily’nCreme/Peaches’nCreme kitchen cotton line all run $2 – $3 per ball… and then you realize that CotLin is the same price (like I recently did)… you wonder why you buy any of that ‘nCreme stuff at all (like I recently did).

CotlLin DK yarn in colorway Whisper

I’m in the middle of making a summer tee with this yarn and decided to order myself a ball of Whisper to see how it might go with the two colors I already have.

Yeah. I think that will work very nicely. Knit Picks does a great job with their color descriptions so I was confident I could pick a good color to go with what I had. I just love they way they describe their colors and I may have to make that the subject of a post. Any person/company that can accurately describe color deserves some kudos.


But not today. Today I’m just going to play with my new yarn.

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Oooo pretty. How exciting. How do you like the Cotlin? I read some reviews on Knit Picks and some said the linen fibers were scratchy. I love linen fabric and it gets softer with each wash. I’d love to try some but am afraid of the itchyness on my skin. Thanks for sharing. Those colors are beautiful.


And you claim to not be a shopper!


“It comes in 50g balls and you get 231 grams per ball” should read 231 yards?
I’m just ocd like that 🙂


Oooohhhh! Pretty colors!


Oh, yeah… forgot to commend you on your self-discipline in waiting to open the Package!


You are so familiar with most of Knit Picks yarns and I love the fact that you just suggested CotLin in place of n’Cream. I would love to see a post where you offer the same info for their other yarns. Sort of a “I use this Knit Pick in place of that” type post. Aside from ordering one of each yarn (Wish my income would allow that) the only way to know is to glean the info from someone who has used it. And you are so great at describing your experience with a yarn.