Marathons and Sprits


“Remember Jenn its a marathon and not a sprint.”

That is something that was said to me this week because I worked 34 hours in three days. Upon being told this I had these thoughts in rapid order:

  1. Duh.
  2. Why is the person talking to me like I’m stupid?
  3. Lots of people are making sport metaphors this week. It must be the Olympics.
  4. Anyone who is watching the Olympics this week probably hasn’t worked 34 hours in three days.
  5. Wish I had time to watch the Olympics. Not that I would. I’d use that time to knit.

I haven’t knitted in three days. Well, not anything to speak of. A round here, a few stitches there. But not really. There has been no real knitting. For three days.

I’ve been kind of grumpy about that. Grumpy enough to glare at perfectly innocent people who use sport metaphors as a means of communication. What I need to boost my tolerance of sport fans, and all the other mildly irritating people walking around breathing my air, is to knit something.


After my last 11+ hour marathon I went home and preformed these tasks in rapid order:

  1. Fed the cats.
  2. Drank two cups of coffee.
  3. Fed myself.
  4. Took a bath
  5. Went to bed.

Eight hours later I got up and preformed these tasks in rapid order:

  1. Fed the cats.
  2. Drank a cup of coffee.
  3. Ate a snack.
  4. Noticed I was still tired.
  5. Went to bed.

Four hours later I got up (again) and preformed these tasks in rapid order:

  1. Fed the cats.
  2. Drank I don’t know how many cups of coffee.
  3. Started three new projects in a row.

And now I feel much better. Feel free to use sport metaphors in my general vicinity.

I’m still going on my summer tee. That project is not being forgotten or anything.

But after three days of knitting deprivation I need more than one project. I’m going on a binge and no one can stop me. Don’t even try.

First up is a triangular wrap. You see I have a friend who started Noti Yarns this year. She is currently selling at The Sated Sheep. Her yarn line is based around the idea that every variegated yarn should come with perfectly matching semi-solids.

Isn’t that just what we always wanted? I certainly think so. I designed a simple, super simple, wrap to show off her matching color schemes. My friend, the hand dyer, is making one. Three students of mine, who buy her yarn like its candy, have started this pattern too.

I haven’t made one. Does that seem right to you? Me neither. Its time to get that massive oversight corrected.


Next up is some Palette from Knit Picks. I actually had a dream about this yarn and the shawl that it wants to be. Yes, I’ve been having dreams about knitting. Addicts do that when deprived of their drug.

In my head this shawl is already finished and done. In reality its only a 260 stitch cast on. But I feel better just knowing its started and on a needle.

Ya know what? I need some crochet too. I have this gorgeous skein of Diadem. Its very soft, a bit fuzzy, and I just in love with it. So I’m making Lover’s Knots (aka Solomon’s Knots) with it.


So I’m up to four projects and I feel better. I’m going to work on them all. At the same time. While drinking coffee. It will be a marathon of knitting and crochet  and it will make me a much more pleasant person.

But first I think I’ll go feed my cats again.


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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Ahhh! Your friend that started Noti Yarns is brilliant, a credit to womankind everywhere and deserving of an award! There are few things more frustrating than finding a beautiful variegated yarn and NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND A SOLID TO MATCH IT! Grrrrrr! As soon as I have some extra cash I am buying some of this saintly woman’s yarn! Ummmm, is it online? I don’t live in Texas and paying for gas to drive to Texas would eat up all of the buying yarn money. Oh, to be independently wealthy!


Looks like fun with all the projects!!! I have been looking for a simple knit shawl pattern! Crocheting a shawl not, have a knit shawl started, but not happy with the pattern. And there are multiple other projects started, so many projects and so little time! So glad you are having some down time to get back to the knitting and crocheting!!! You deserve the “me” time!!!!!!

Amy C

Yes, what a perfectly beautiful idea to match the skeins, solid and variegated.
And oh yes, the grumpiness of being deprived of knitting time! How many times have I been told by some well-meaning person that they wouldn’t have the patience to knit (a little different from the ones who envy me the time to spend doing ‘nothing’ .) I try to say calmly that I knit exactly because I don’t have patience! Take my yarn and needles away and you’ll find out just how little I possess of that commodity.


Haven’t you been having fun. Coffee, cats, sleep, work. Rinse and repeat.
Down time was definitely needed. Have fun, knitting that summer top. So far it looks perfect.


Your tee is looking gooood. What a wonderful thing your friend has done by offering solids to match the variegated yarn. Can’t wait to see your shawls. I’ve been itching to try my new found knitting skills on a shawl. Got to feed the fur babies and oh yes the coffee.