Something every Cat-Serving Human should go out and buy


I’ll admit, right up front, that I am a part-time “bad and terrible person”. Why? Because I go months without having one of these curved cat scratchers in my home for my two pain in the ass loving feline companions. Cats love these things. My cats really love them. They love them to death.

Its a slow death, one that involves having little bits of scratched out cardboard flung happily about for weeks. The curved cat scratcher slowly disintegrates, sags, looses all structural integrity, and collapses. Then I throw it away. But until that final cat scratcher death occurs I have to vacuum up cardboard bits seven days a week. That is at least six more days a week then I want to vacuum. So after every cat scratcher death I swear I will never buy another one.

A few months later I go out and buy another one. If are not a cat-serving human you are probably shaking your head and asking “why?”. If you are a cat-serving human then you are probably nodding your head and asking “where do I get one of those?”.

I got mine at a local Wal-Mart for $7.83. Amazon seems to sell them for a bit more. I’m sure they are at PetCo/PetSmart type stores too. You better go get one. They are exactly what you cat wants to destroy.

When I was setting up to take pictures, I had planned to take all of my shots against a white background. Backgrounds just make me feel like I’m a semi-pro photographer.


But my planned “photo shoot” quickly devolved into me trying to keep up with the Anti Spinning Feline Overlord because she discovered the cat scratcher before I even had it out of its wrapper.

I had to get that plastic and paper off and out of her Majesty’s way PDQ.

She needed to thoroughly claim this very special piece of cardboard you see.

And all of this enthusiasm happened before I even got a chance to sprinkle on the dried cat-nip that it comes with.

Why is this cat scratcher so very special? Why does she need to drape her entire body over it, roll around on top of it, hiss, and growl and try to perform carnal acts with it? Because its curved.

Yeah. Actually I don’t know why that makes the cardboard scratcher super-awesome but it does. For reasons only cats fully understand, curved cat scratchers are 14000% better than the flat ones. And because they are so much better, there is no sharing.

Cowardly Boy Cat gets to have the wrapper for the cat scratcher. He can’t have the actual scratcher.

He can look at the cat scratcher. But that is all.


And I know what you are going to tell me to do but the answer is no.


I am not going back to Wal-Mart to buy Boy Cat his own cat scratcher. No. I’m already going to have to clean up a mess of cardboard bits every single day. I don’t need to double my house cleaning duties.

Just no.




Okay maybe I’ll go back to Wal-Mart tomorrow.


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If the 2 cats are like mine than 2 scratchers are a mistake. Only one makes it sooo much more special and adds to the fun if you can claim it allll for yourself. Like the top shelf of the cat tree. Cats all know what Mine means. Cats and 2 year old humans.


Maybe you can get a price break by the case. Slightly crazy, but, well, I’d ask. Think of it as stash.


I need 9 of those, if, and only if, they’ll save my furniture! I figure if vacuuming has to happen each day, well, might as well vacuuming up a bit bigger mess while I’ve got the machine out. Hope it won’t hurt the poor felines’ ears which its screaming whirr. Love the curve. Have had the square ones before and those were destroyed in a month. Case price? Off to Internet to look. Thanks Jenn. You’re accepted as good cat person, so well trained. 😉


My cat is so finicky he won’t use scratchers lol


You know what will happen when you get two, Her Highness will have two, and Cowardly Boy will still just watch!