Stuck Indoors And Going a Little Stir Crazy


Its been raining here. Not the death and destruction rains that Louisiana has been suffering through. If I was living through that I would most certainly not be writing a grumpy post about sunless days and being stuck inside for too long. I’d be one of 80,000 evacuees looking for a dry place to sit down and cry (yes its that bad) while wondering why our President is still on his golfing vacation and not whipping bureaucrats to work faster at getting people to safety.

Sorry. That was a bit of a politically tinged tangent and I try to keep this place free of all that but Oh-my-God has no one noticed that nearly 100,000 people have been displaced this week??!!

Anyway. Here in Austin we aren’t getting that kind of rain. We are just getting day after day of steady rain with occasional periods of heavy rain that cause my phone to bleep imperiously and deliver the message that the roads are flooding and if I have any brains at all I’ll stay home.  I don’t really need my phone to tell me this sort of thing but I can’t figure out how to turn that feature off. I do have enough brains to stay inside during flash floods. I just don’t have enough brains to figure out my phone.

So I’ve been knitting. I would be knitting if it wasn’t raining of course. If the sun was shinning and the temperatures were back in the 100’s, I’d be right here knitting away. I’d be blowing off my errands. I’d be ignoring the world out there. I’d be at home playing with yarn. But I’d be less grumpy about it.

For the record I was grateful for the rains on the first day. I was accepting on the second day. On the third day I was privately thinking “enough already”. By the fourth day I was searching the dark, gray sky for a sign that the sun still existed. And today I’m fed up and airing my grievances on the internet.

But all that time inside knitting got me this:

… a finished off tee. Finish off is about as far as I can take it. I can’t block, not with all this wet crap coming down out of the sky.

My porch is my blocking space (its the only space I have free of evil feline ne’er-do-wells). At the moment my porch looks like this:


So I’ll put off blocking that tee and find other yarn to play with. Its not like I don’t have an entire yarn store’s worth in my home. Good thing too because I think I’m stuck here. I expect to see an old man in a wooden boat packed full of animals float by any minute.

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Love the finished shirt!!! 🙂 🙂 Maybe we need to get together and open a yarn store! I have such a huge stash and keep adding to it! Don’t know how I will ever use it all up!! Hope the rain stops soon for you and brings you a sunny weekend!!!!! Stay dry and enjoy that knitting and crocheting!!!!


Thank you for your comments on the flooding over here in Louisiana. The sheer magnitude of this is overwhelming.


I hope you and yours are safe from the flooding.

Love the tank! Hate the rain. Day after day after day ad infinitum. Seems like it’s been a month since I’ve seen the sun. My jungle garden out back is loving it. So are the weeds. Groan. I’ve been spinning a lot since my claw hands are in the right position naturally to spin, and I’m finishing up projects while watching Olympics. If only I could get some knitting done… My fickle felines dash out the door each time I open it, only to shake off in the rain and scurry right back in, mad as hatters and all hissing… Read more »

Those poor people! We’re still in a drought (New England) but we can still be empathetic {{HUGS}}
I can’t help but be curious about your summer top pattern though…


Love the finished tee! Hope you get some rays of sun soon. My grandson lives right in the middle of that mess in Louisiana. He, his wife, 3 children, 2 cats and a dog had to evacuate. Luckily it didn’t get inside the house. Still knee deep in yard. Here in Alabama I’ve had 3 seperate severe thunderstorms today. Not as bad as folks west of here. Stay safe and dry. Best wishes and prayers to you folks in Louisiana. Oh, btw totally agree with your political observation.