Knitting with Friends and Caffine

Thanks to all who left messages of support and love on my previous post.

I felt I was taking a risk with that much openness and honesty and it turned out I was wrong. It wasn’t a risk at all. I should have had more faith in my readers. Well, I do now. And I want to say that I feel up lifted. I’m lighter in my heart and in my soul knowing that you all are out there. I intended to reply to every comment (the way I usually do) but I was overwhelmed. Then a good friend advised me to let everyone speak for themselves; let their words stand. So that is what I did. Just because I didn’t reply to your comment (like I usually do!) does not mean I didn’t read it and smile and take strength. I did.

I took that boost you gave me and put it into my knitting. I’ve been trying to spend as much time knitting, particularly knitting in the company of my friends, as I can. Also… there has been lots of caffeinated beverages. Steady injections of caffeine and sugar may not be the best thing for my internal organs but they are great for my spirit.

The picture above is from earlier today at the end of just such a caffeine-fueled, friend-filled, knitting session. The blue/orange thing is mine. The purple-and-green is not mine. Well… its a little bit mine.

My bud is knitting up a Trickery and while the work is hers to claim, I lay claim to having wrote the pattern. Which is to say, I kind of feel like her Trickery is my Trickery but I’m generously letting her pay for the yarn to make it with and do all the hours and hours of knitting. In the end we’ll share it. I’ll let it live with her but it will always be secretly mine. FYI, I feel exactly the same way about all the other projects that have been made from my patterns including stuff made by people I have never met. That’s not creepy is it? Don’t answer that.

But getting back to the (official) point of this post. I’ve been knitting LOTS and I feel better.


Play-with-the-yarn time is definitely what I need. I’ve resolved to spend at least two hours everyday doing serious knitting. That’s like resolving to go to the gym everyday only way, way less miserable and sucky. I’ve also resolved to let myself drink as much coffee and tea as I want. That’s like … every other day of my life.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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If it’s like every other day of your life, why do you have to give yourself permission to indulge in caffeine? Just let it flow naturally and try not to get any on your knitting. It feels good to knit regularly and have something to show for it at the end of the day. Your scarfy thing is pretty nice. Today I started a hat from a pattern I don’t know what will be like because of no picture or description. So far it’s just ribbing! Even that can be good. Keep up the good stuff. Love you read your… Read more »

Yeah!!!! Caffeine!!
My world does not work well without it. 😁

I just bought my first coffee maker a little over two years ago now ( I’m 60 and will be 61 in December) and I find that I tend to be grumpy if I do not have at least 2 large cups of coffee cut in half with Hazelnut creamer. Before then, I couldn’t imagine getting past the smell of just the coffee alone! I have always been an Iced tea person and still am but now I am a full-fledged member of the coffee achievers club. Make sure you purchase some Chamomile tea for the evening slow-down before going… Read more »

At least 3 cups a day for me on weekdays as I work so I drink water during that day, but on the weekend, I make up for lost cups during the week.


My treat is knitting, I walk two miles a day and knit after because I would fall down if I tried to do both lol, and coffee is a wonderful drink and if they don’t have it in heaven Well I just don’t know 🙂