Sock-A-Long: The Discipline of Knitting the Whole Leg


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I’ve been knitting on my socks, my Cirque Socks. Its a nifty free pattern written by The Sexy Knitter and you can grab your copy right here.

This is what they should look like when I’m done:

I’m making mine in colorway Matcha but I’m using the same yarn as the designer did, Stroll Fingering, so I’m pretty confident that they will turn out to be just like that picture… but only if I knit the whole leg.



You see I have 2 and a half repeats done of this cable pattern.


Since I’ve managed to get that done for both socks, its a nice amount of knitting. The legs of these socks are looking pretty good. They are not done yet… but they could be.

I like to cheat. I admit it. I don’t cheat on anything that would hurt other people but when I can get away with some victim-less cheater-ly, corner-cutting shenanigans, I usually go for it. What can I say? Cheating makes me feel clever. And the only place you can cheat in sock making is on the leg.

You can’t cheat on the heel. If you make a short heel your socks won’t fit. That goes for the foot of the sock too. You can’t cheat on toes because toes are all about finishing up and being done with it all. So the only place to cheat in is the leg. I’m always tempted to cheat on the legs of my socks. 

When I first read through the Cirque Sock pattern I noticed this:


That translates to “work 3 full repeats… start a fourth repeat… and stop when you are halfway through it after round 8 (or 9 for the large size)”. I instantly realized that I could stop after one and half repeats. Or two and half. Or I could go onto four and half (yeah that will never happen). From the moment of that realization to right now I’ve been secretly thinking about stopping after only two and half repeats.

I could so do that.

I’m the Knitter and I can do what I want. I’m not the Assistant Knitter or the Knitting Partner or even the Regional Supervisory Knitter. I am The Knitter. I can do whatever I want up to and including blowing off a whole repeat on my Cirque Socks.

Its tempting.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Don’t do it! They won’t be ankle socks…..too long…..and they won’t be knee socks (which they weren’t meant to be to begin with of course) but they won’t be tall enough to be whateverthehell you call the socks in-between ankle socks and knee highs!

Of course, I’m not the knitting police or sock supervisor or Empress of the Entire Universe and All Who Dwell Therein (yet) so you can do as you will with your socks, lol! (But they sure look nice with four and a half repeats…..just sayin’!)


By all means listen to your inner self. Firstly the winters are milder and (most importantly) no one will see it. You also may have enough leftover for dynamite fingerless gloves! Then there’s the other benefit off not having to wrestle with the demon (I know all too well) ” it’s taking too long”. Be true to yourself and love will follow.


l’m not to the point of making that decision yet, but l can say l “love” this pattern. lts not complicated, but looks it. Thanx for the KAL & your socks look great! 🙂 ps..Can you tell any difference in the looks of knitting 2 separate methods for your socks??


Cheat if you want to, Ms Zimmerman jr. But. A few years ago i received for Christmas from my lovely, kind, caring, sweet, talented daughter a pair of socks that starts mid thigh and warms me all the way to my ice cold feet. They are my favorite all time socks.

What kind of example is that to set???? Is it so warm there you no longer need to keep your feet warm? Do you not feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment when you push yourself to finish something that seems to be dragging? And to have gotten so far on both socks is pretty wonderful. Yes, the knitting police are a fancy of the hide-bound. They aren’t around to say or do anything if you modify any pattern you try. Have you made this pattern before so you know you can, or is it an unproven pattern for you? This… Read more »