Stress Knitting My Socks


The good news is I didn’t cheat. I was certainly thinking about cheating on these socks. As I rambled in my last post, I’m making a pair of Cirque Socks (a free pattern by The Sexy Knitter)…

and the pattern calls for 3 and half repeats of cable before you begin the heel…


and I was thinking really hard about only making 2 and half repeats…


and in the end I decided to go the distance.

If you are getting your fingers ready to type out an “atta girl” in the comment section, don’t. I didn’t knit the whole leg because I wanted to be good, or to have a longer sock, or impress my readers, or any other virtuous reason. I knit up all 3 and half repeats because I’m stressed and anxious and I need all the knitting I can get. Now is definitely not the time to be depriving myself of knitting.

Today is November 7th and so tomorrow is November 8th and that’s voting day. I’m anxious about it. I’m anxious about it no matter who wins and I’m anxious about whatever comes next. (If you don’t live in the United States then you’ll have to take my word when I say that we Americans have been driving ourselves absolutely cuckoo over this election.) I feel like I’m a kid again living on the East Texas coast and we’re all huddled in my house waiting for the hurricane out in the Gulf to make landfall.

But please don’t leave me any comments about your options or predictions on this election. I don’t think I could take that. I’m trying very hard to not think about it at all. And I’m knitting. What better way to avoid the problems of real life is there besides playing with yarn?

So, yes, I made all three and half repeats of leg for my Cirque Socks. With 72 stitches in each round and 16 rounds in a repeat, and two socks going at the same time, that gave me an extra 2,304 stitches to make while I avoided all talk of that stupid election. 


Tomorrow when I get off work and go to a polling place to wait in a (probably) very long line to vote in that stupid election, I’ll be knitting. Socks are small and they don’t sag or weigh down your hands. They are the perfect thing to knit when you have to stand around in the local high school gymnasium with 150 frustrated and anxious adults for an eternity at least an hour.

Thank God for knitting. Without it I’d probably be one of those poor souls that sits on park benches and mutters math problems at pigeons. At least this way, after Hurricane Presidential Election has landed and wiped us all out, I’ll have a pair a pretty socks to put on my feet.

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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Good use of time and stress. They look nice. I remember someone asking if you had noticed a difference in the results between the two kinds of needles. I hadn’t seen a reply, but it appears in the picture, that the circulars produce a smoother sock than the double points.
About figuring out how many stitches…what are you a math geek??? When I do that figuring, it makes me question my sanity in trying such a pattern! Thanks for making me feel more normal.


Yes! Our Jenn IS a math geek. She has confessed and we have forgiven her. She cannot help it and her work in designing new patterns seems to feed this weakness.


Math problems at pidgins? lol You are hanging out in the wrong park!
Take comfort in the knowledge that no matter what happens, God is in His heaven and you have socks.


I feel your pain! This has been a very stressful few months….I’m knitting like crazy, or I’d be joining you on the bench!!

Crocheting, lots of crocheting. And I’ve been making a lot of progress in decluttering and reorganizing in the back of the house. Because when the hub’s comes home and turns on the news lately, I skedaddle out of the living room and head as far away from the TV as I can get. The laundry room with the noisy machines running is a good spot to hide and drown out the election news….. it’s looking pretty spiffy. My bedroom closet hasn’t been this organized in I don’t know when. Too bad my workroom is within earshot of the TV… could… Read more »

HGTV, Food Network, spinning some new fiber, crocheting on a blanket, and knitting a sweater. Those are just a few a the ways I have run away to hide from all the chaos.