Merry Christmas to me


And a Merry Christmas to all of you too! Of course. I gave myself quite the nice Christmas present. Its a Finish Off. A just-now-finished-off. Ahhhh… I’m basking in that very special satisfaction that comes with the final stitch of any substantial project. What a nice gift and its all for me.

The actual shawl will be a gift for a friend. Its not a Christmas gift (good thing since it would obviously be late). She’ll get this sometime next week. This is the Something Blue, a shawl for her to wear at her wedding.

I immediately put Something Blue on. Of course. Just to make sure it could perform its shawl-y duties. I also strong-armed mom into taking a few pics. (She says Merry Christmas to all the Roving Crafters btw!).

The pics are not ideal. They were taken as the sun set. Also, this baby ain’t blocked yet. It still has ends dangling all around in a shameful fashion. But… its a Finish Off for Christmas Day and I’m enjoying it.

(Pattern and better pics will be up sometime next week. I need to get back to my writer cave own computer and get the charts for this spruced up before anyone is allowed to look at it.)

I have another Finish Off to Show Off. It did not get finished today, or even this week. But I’ve been trying to hide this one since it was a little Christmas prezzie for mom.

It a pair of socks. Socks made with 100% wool Bulky weight yarn on US size 10 needles! These babies are warm. They are practically nuclear powered warm.

I made a pair of these last year for myself. This year I made Mom a pair. Mom has the distinction of being the only human being more wimpy about cold weather than me. I knew she would like them.

No they are not for wearing around inside cowgirl boots. Too thick and puffy. But they are perfect for wearing around the house at night. And in the morning. And after you get home from church on Christmas day.

Hope everyone had a very Merry and very Safe Christmas. Hope you got just want you wanted.


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Merry Christmas. And, the shawl is lovely. You are a good friend. The Bride will cherish it.


Merry Christmas, Jenn and mom.


Hey Merry Christmas from the Canadian gal. The Canada Geese where flying in formation south over our city and making a real sqwaky noise for the last two weeks. They are the smart ones for not lingering much longer than necessary. I knitted the cutest toques with pompoms for gifts so I feel that I’ve done my bestest with my talents this season.


Merry Christmas to you and yours. The shawl and the socks are pretty. Glad you got them finished in time.


Beautiful, Jen!!! I know the wedding girl will be delighted with it. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your Mom.