It Ain’t a Rut, Its a Groove


To borrow a phrase from the absolutely fabulous Patsy Stone (my favorite character on Absolutely Fabulous):

A few days ago I was meandering through a Barnes and Nobel bookstore, just passing through in my quest for an acceptable public restroom, and I happened to find myself in front of their rack of knitting and crochet magazines. It wasn’t intentional or anything. All of the other 463 business that I drove past to get to Barnes and Noble have sub-standard restrooms.ย My life just works out like that. So there I was floating along on the “ahhhh” feeling of having just gotten rid of the morning’s 4 cups of coffee and I thought I might buy myself a yarn-y magazine to reward Barnes and Nobel for keeping their little girl’s room nice and tidy. It certainly wasn’t because I need another yarn magazine but I do like to contribute to the economy in a helpful way, you know?

And I was totally going to buy a magazine (or three) but as I flipped pages I came across a little article that was offering some helpful tips on how to break out of the unfortunate habit we have of buying the same color or colors of yarn over and over. And over.ย And I thought:

Don’t question me!

You see I’ve been buying purple-ish and red-ish yarn lately and I don’t see it as an “unfortunate habit”. I was at a LYS recently and they were having a moving sale. In anticipation of moving across town, they put a lot of their yarn on sale. So I helped them out and bought some.

Then the weather turned insanely, criminally, stupidly cold last week. There was a day I had to go outside to work and it was 19 degrees Fahrenheit and I nearly died. I did not die (barely) and so I celebrated my survival by going to Joanns and buying some extra bulky yarn for making hats.

Pattern to come soon for any who are interested. I’m using slip-stitch colorwork to put Morse Code messages in knitting. Because why not!

Then this week that LYS got all settled into their new location and reopened. I went down to show my support… and buy some yarn. That time I bought colors that were almost (but not quite) purple and red. But basically they are purple and red.

I’m not in a color rut, thank-you very much. I’m in a color groove. I see no need to break out of it. I see no need to force myself to buy colors that don’t appeal to me at this particular moment. I saw no need to buy that yarn-y magazine that wanted me to do so.

But since then I have bought two other yarn-y magazines.

Like I said, I like to contribute to the economy. For the record as soon as I publish this post I’m heading out to a LYS. I may buy more purple-ish and red-ish yarn and maybe some yarn-y magazines and I don’t particularly want anyone to talk me out of it.


Also… don’t question me.


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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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LOL!!! You are not the only one that does this!!!! I have been stuck on purples and blues for some time now and have a huge stash to use up!!!!


There’s no such thing as too much purple!


If anyone says anything negative about your yarn purchases, please tell them you’re feeding your addictions. Hahaha Soooo glad you found an acceptable restroom and stimulated the economy!!! All successes!!! Miss and love ya!


I love Patsy and I adore purple. So I’m with you on this. After all, it is your money and the economy does need help. Esp. LYS.

Now Jenn, you know that everyone has a color they are especially attracted to. Colors that are especially pleasing to that persons eyes alone. Colors they just can’t resist, like a bad habit. And personally, I see nothing wrong with this habit. I, myself, am attracted to purples, mauves, and what I call royal Blues. I do occasionally, have this thought process going on inside my head that encourages me to buy other colors on occasion. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase: A girl buys what a girl buys. And it’s that girls prerogative to buy what she is most… Read more ยป

Oh Carla, I think we may be long lost cousins ๐Ÿ˜ Except for the pastels (give me ALL the brights!) I’m exactly the same, ESPECIALLY free! Also, you made me laugh out loud. For realsies ๐Ÿ’œ
Thank you Jenn, for giving us all a safe place to flaunt our color passions