You know that cliche about pictures being worth a thousand words?


Its so very true. 


When I’m knitting something, something big, very few people seem to understand what I’m making. They don’t “get it”, not even other knitters. I figure this is for three reasons.

Reason number one: when I’m at the beginning of making something… I haven’t really made much of it yet.

There just isn’t enough knitted up and it could be anything right? I could say its a baby bib or a toilet area mat or a window valence. You’d just have to take my word for it.

Reason number two: when I’m in the middle of making something, it looks like a big hot mess.

Knitting that is all scrunched up on the needles could be anything right? I could say its a blanket or a cardigan or a car tire cozy. You’d just have to take my word for it.

Reason number three: I suck at explaining what I’m making in words. You wouldn’t think so, but I do. I’m a teacher and a writer and overall a pretty good communicator but when I try to explain whatever it is I happen to be making, people’s eyes glaze over and they start to nod before I’m done talking and they say “uh-huh sure” when I finally shut up. Then they change the subject.

All of this is both very frustrating to me and immensely satisfying. Frustrating because I’d really like to chat about my knitting while I’m knitting it but satisfying because when I’m done I get to do a big reveal and show everyone what it actually is.

Its a shawl, by the way. And the Feline Overlord gets to see it before you do, before anyone does, because she’s performing her inspections just as soon as I spread it out for blocking. That is how it works in this here country, state, city, household.

All of which is to say, I finished my red and purple shawl. Pattern coming soon!

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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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I love this shawl!! And love the colors! Cannot wait for the pattern!!!!!!!! May have to rip out the one I am currently making to make this one!!!! 🙂


Lovely and broght

I am going to make myself a sign to hang around my neck that says “If you don’t have the patience to listen to the answer, don’t ask the question”. Want me make up one for you while I’m at it? Lol! I know that glazed over look in the eyes. I see it pretty often myself (hence the signage!). It’s really frustrating to have people ask a question about a topic that you’re passionately interested in, only to find that they’ve one to sleep with their eyes wide open as you launch into what you THOUGHT was going to… Read more »

Red and lavender–one of my favorite color combos, even better than dark blue and mint green!


Whooo hooo! Congratulations on your finished shawl! It always feels good to finish a project