Let’s celebrate my little triumphs with a free download code for you


Bleh. What a tough week. Its that time of year when spring is in the air, the sun shines a little brighter, the chill is gone, and I have no time to go outside and enjoy it. Or do much blogging apparently and I really miss it. Everyday I’ve wanted to come a share my little triumphs with you and everyday the overpowering need for sleep won out.

So I’ve been storing up my small Jenn-wins-at-life moments and here they are, along with a free download code for Trickery (because why not!).

I managed to go to a department store and buy the vacuum cleaner I desperately needed. The old vacuum cleaner had sucked up approximately 14 tons of cat hair and then died a slow lingering death. Poor thing. After the disastrous attempt at buying a personal computer, I was pretty reluctant to buy another major appliance. I had lost what little confidence I had in my consumer decision making abilities. Even so I really needed a vacuum cleaner. So I did what any other self-respecting woman in her 40’s would do: I asked my mommy what vacuum cleaner to buy.

Its a Bissel Powerforce Helix like it and it turned out to be far cheaper than I expected; only $48. So when It dies from sucking up massive amounts of cat hair I won’t mind much at all. At that price, vacuum cleaners are practically disposable. (And mom turned out to be smarter than me again.)

On a side note, the makers-of-cat-hair like the vacuum cleaner box.

I also overcame my extreme reluctance and bought another computer. I know. I’m proud of me too.

But not too proud. I haven’t actually plugged it in or turned it on or anything. I’m saving that for when I actually get a day off. But I did unpack it from the box. That’s when I found out the computer came with a new keyboard and mouse. I didn’t actually need those things but hey, another little win.

On a side note the makers-of-cat-hair like this box too.


Even with all this stressful shopping, I’ve been knitting along on my latest brain storm of an idea.

I do like it so very much. I’m not sure that its a crowd pleaser but its a me pleaser and that’s enough. My hands itch to knit on this shawl. And when I get it done, I’ll publish the pattern and I’ll have a code right here that my wonderful readers can use for a free download.

But that is a way off. I have to finish the darn thing before I can publish a pattern. Reality is so frustrating like that. But in the mean time…

If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of Trickery, then I have a download code for ya. I’m currently knitting up another version of that wrap for a local yarn store. Here is how its looking so far:

And here is a finished-up version. That should give you a better idea of what it will look like.


Interested? I figured you might be.

Step One: Go to the pattern page for Trickery on Ravelry
Step Two: Click the “buy it now” link
Step Three: In the pop-up window that appears, click the “use coupon code” link
Step Four: Enter this code: VictoryIsMine
And be sure to do that before March 11th, 5pm central US time (aka 48 hours from the time of this post).

Hope that give you a little victory-is-mine moment. We should all have them.

On a side note, the makers-of-cat-hair like the Trickery too.



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"There is no failure. Only feedback." - Robert Allen

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I enjoy your creativity. I brought home 2 boxes today for my 2 cats-they got right in!
I’ve seen a video of someone drawing a circle and a square on their floor and the cats got
in those too! Yea for the weirdness of cats.


Hi Jenn,
Glad you are on a roll. That’s always enjoyable. Wish I had the imagination it takes to create an interesting pattern that can be used to create an item to wear. Unfortunately, I lack in this department. But that’s why I have you. Right? Thanks for all your hard work and generosity for the patterns you share.

Riki Kongtong

Thanks so MUCH! That is such a cool pattern! Very generous of you. Want some more makers-of-cat-hair? Got some here in Thailand for you!

Sue Schmidt

Hi Jenn! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve been getting the posts for a while now, but I can honestly say this one has been the most fun yet! Your down-to-earth-iness is always appreciated: you’ve outdone yourself with this one. And many thanks, BTW, for the ‘triumphs’ pattern. Ver generous, gratefully received. Cheers from my stash to yours…


I’m liking the new shawl. I like the colors. I like the shape. I really like the very interesting transition bit.
Oh! Congrats on the new vacuum. I use mine to keep the cats out of the kitchen when I’m deep in a new concoction. Just the threat of the machine keeps them out of the room. Scary stuff vacuums.