Crochet Tutorials

Every Sunday I do a short tutorial and share a special stitch or trick or cheat. These are the posts that feature crocheting!

I also have a collection for knitting, handspinning, and then a few I filed under miscellaneous because they did seem to fit anywhere.


In 2010 The Craft & Hobby Association estimated that there were 17.4 million crocheters in the United States alone. That is compared to the estimated 13 million knitters.

So why does everyone mistake crochet for knitting????? Hookers have the Needle-Wielders beat by MILLIONS.

Help For Crocheters

How to Make a Standing Treble Crochet
How to make Front-Post and Back-Post Stitches
How To Make Broomstick Lace
How to Do the Magic Ring Start
How to Make the Knotted Half Double Crochet
How to Make the Irish Clones Knot
How to Make the Crocodile Stitch
How to Make the Tunisian Simple Stitch










How to Join When you Crochet in the Round


Making Crochet Granny Squares


Making Hyperbolic Crochet

Looking for something in particular? I take requests. Let me know what you would like to see in the comment section and I’ll try to get it done.

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Kerrie-Anne Noble

Hi just found your Poncho Pattern I’m a little confused do you have a video of the start plz


I have a video on how to make a simple crochet granny square. That poncho starts with a base chain and then you use it to make the first round. The first round (of that poncho) has four dc sets (of 3) on each side and the one for each corner.



I am trying to make Poncho. I am lost on this very round. I’m not doing something right. Please assist me.

Helen Kinsey

Could you please demonstrate the crocodile stitch please?im having some trouble. My granddaughter wants a scarf doing the stitch I mentioned,s hard!
You seem to make it all look so easy. Thanks in advance..Helen from Kansas