Drive By Post – A wee bit of yarn bombing


Just a short post today as I should be getting ready for my knitting class. But I wanted to share the two little yarn bombs that went off last night in Austin. I’ve been feeling the deep, inexplicable urge to decorate this city bus stop with yarn for a while now. Last I talked one of my crafter group (we call her Old Crazy Hooks!) into helping and this happened:

from Old Crazy Hooks
from Old Crazy Hooks
from me (maybe someday I'll get a cool nickname from my crafting group..... maybe....... *sob*)
from me (maybe someday I’ll get a cool nickname from my crafting group….. maybe……. *sob*)


Sorry for the grainy pictures. It was dark out when we sewed them on. But I had a blast and that means I’ll probably feel the irresistible urge to make more. This bus stop will be the prettiest in Austin.

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You’re nuts ya know


I think someone might have told me that before. Maybe.