It's Really Her Roving You Know


I’ve been spinning up the Northern Lights Violets pencil roving from Louet as promised and should have something to show you by this weekend. I have been slowed down by life, knitting, and the Anti-Spinning Feline Overlord. But that’s just an ordinary occurrence around here.

This is a pretty ordinary occurrence too:

It’s her roving you know and she just lets me play with it.

P.S. I don’t have to stage any of these kitty-to-fiber encounters. They happen all all their own. Now that I’ve realized the internet is obsessed with kitty pictures (who knew?) I’ve learned to keep my camera handy.





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I absolutely love your Feline Overlord stories plus your Shy Boy. This last picture of Feline Overlord shows how beautiful she really is and her eyes are so captivating. Good photo shoots. I really enjoy your stories as mostly they make me laugh a lot… You know I also have 2 cats – Boy and a Girl – Boy’s first Girlfriend and he is an old man cat and she is a young vixen with a little bit of a weight problem. Neither one wants anything to do with me until I get my Crochet or my Laptop out then… Read more »

Roving Crafters is my favorite blog. It beats out Google and Facebook by a long shot…..