Sunday Round-Up


The weather was yucky and so I got lots and lots done!

The weather here in Austin has been pretty cruddy recently but not so cruddy that we’ve earned the right to complain. Much. For huge swaths of North America its been bad. It’s been so bad that the news people were using words like “snowmageddon”.

We didn’t have snowmageddon in my little corner of the universe. We just had a long string of cold, dark, wet days with some righteous flash flooding.  It was the kind of weather that makes a person stay indoors and watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and play with yarn. Which I did.

Today the sun came out and so I hauled my stuff outside, blinking like a cave dweller in the bright light, and took some pictures. Some of these projects will get posts of their own, real posts that they don’t have to share with the other projects. I promise.


A pointless crocheted rock sweater made for one of my craft group. They support me in all my craziness up to and including making sweaters for rocks.



A blue scarf made double-quick for a friend who was not prepared for the yucky weather to roll in. There is no pattern for this one… yet. But I made the mistake of

a) showing the scarf off a few friends


b) showing the scarf off to my goggle circles.


The result of all that careless bragging was that I agreed to make another scarf for a friend …

… and write up the pattern. I’ll get that done and post it this week. Pinkie-swear!


I finished ten whole rows on My Mary Lennox. Ten. Whole. Rows.

Then I wasted at least half on hour trying to convince myself that I didn’t really need to do the last ten which the pattern calls for. But I do. No, really I do. I tried to bully one of my knit students into giving me permission to just be done and bind off. Sadly I’m not very good at bullying and I now I have to do every row of the last section.  Life is hard sometimes.


Last but not least, I finished off the capelet in Violets.

I love it. Love, love, love it. Could not be happier. It’s made from the yarn I spun and described in Spinning Violets. This baby will definitely be getting her own post. It’s made using top-down raglan sleeve construction and so easy I’m not sure you can even call it a pattern. But even so, I did take notes while I was knitting it (the members of my craft group fuss at me when I don’t) and I’ll be including instructions on how to make one of your own for anyone who loves it too and wants one.

Also… I made a leaf. Again. I’m still on a leaf kick. You can’t ever have too many knitted leaves, right?


That’s all of it! Not a bad bit of progress. And if we get another week or so of miserable weather I betcha I even get Mary Lennox finished and done.



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