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“Think outside the box” is a popular phrase that any cat would tell you is complete bunk. (Well, they would tell you that if they knew any words beyond “food” and “now”.) Inside the box is infinitely better than outside. In our house, the favorite game is Feline Overlord sits inside a box and Cowardly Boy Cat gazes on adoringly. Its a wonderful game that can last for hours.

Which is why there is usually an empty box sitting around in my living room. I get them from the people who stock shelves at grocery store late at night. I’ll bring a box home, set it out and its the best thing ever! For about a week. After that its dead. It looses its appeal  and no one will play with it. That’s when the human servant (me) has to go get a new box.

Or cut some holes in it. Then its the best thing ever! Again!

(A word of explanation: Feline Overlord is, as you may have noticed, all black. 

When she hides in a box she’s practically invisible, which I’m sure is the whole point. I had to take these pictures outside on the porch where there is plenty of light. But trust me, I really do live with a series of big cruddy boxes in my living room. Its easier to just give them what they want.

Also Badkitty-picture-time would be so much easier if Cowardly Boy Cat would be interesting. He’s so much more photogenic. But he mostly he just sits around and looks startled. Poor baby.)

Back to the topic at hand, our box had died. Human servant didn’t feel like getting a new one just yet. So she cut a few holes cleverly placed holes and… BAM! Its a alive again and better than ever!




And Cowardly Boy Cat gazes on adoringly.


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Missy's Crafty Mess

The things we do for our cats!!!! One of mine likes the boxes cans of pop comes in.


Aww… how sweet. And I suppose that means you have empty boxes laying around on your floors too!


Order a raw fleece. The shipping box should be fabulous. After all, the cats are worth the expense.

Jenny Guldin

This Human Servant is lazy…I just toss in a ball when our box dies. Your owners seem pleased by your efforts!


Ohhh a ball. I’ll try that next. Thanks, lol.

Jessica James

Paper Bags.
The louder the better!
Especially enticing in the dead of night when the house is TOO quiet.

(Love the idea of holes to make a box new and exciting, extending its life.)

Once they do bags, its like Coke. Ever so addicting, ever so exciting. Nothing else will do. Sigh.