There will be Baby Stuff. Oh yes.


As you may have already noticed from the link on the side bar, the Roving Crafters has a little corner of ravelry here.  Its open and any one can read, post, or join (and yes you should join!). The most popular thread in our group is Deals and Steals, a place to post links to free patterns. Mostly I use it to post notices of “free for a limited time” patterns. Kind of a grab-it-while-you-can notice board. This morning I posted that  designer Leeana Gardiner, between now and December 26th, is giving away one free pattern with the coupon code MerryChristmas.  She designs stuff for babies and toddlers. I snagged this gorgeous little number for myself:

Mini Taliesin by Leeana Gardiner

Why? Because one of my knitters is having a baby. Let me say that again. One of my friends and students, who loves knitting is having a baby.


And also.. Ha!

A few months ago I was approached by a complete stranger who wanted to tell me all about her mother-in-law, the knitter. This stranger was a sweet young mommy with a pudgy, curly-haired toddler in tow. Said toddler was sporting a hand knit bolero shrug, and looking a little hot and sweaty. Lol. Poor thing. The mommy had noticed I was wearing a hand knit shawl (it was crocheted but whatever) and wanted to share that her mother-in-law was always sending her the most adorable hand-knit baby things and wasn’t that wonderful? Mother-in-law had made a blanket just for taking baby home from the hospital and could I believe that? Mother-in-law had made numerous other blankets since then. Mother-in-law sent hats and sweaters and booties all the time. Wasn’t that amazing?

“I bet you take pictures of your baby in every knitted thing you get, don’t you.” I said.

“Well of course!” Mommy replied. “I just love it!”

We parted ways and I’ve never run into her again. I’m sure young mommy thinks she’s pretty lucky but we all know who the lucky one is… the mother-in-law. Somewhere out there is a knitter who can craft fearlessly know that absolutely everything she makes will appreciated. Her granddaughter will get bundled into every single knit and she, the knitter, will get pictures to show off to all her friends.

Well. Now I know a mommy-to-be that loves and appreciates knitting. I too will have a baby to knit for. I too will get pictures of all my stuff on a baby to show off to everyone I know.


I’ll have to make another Baby Surprise Jacket.  Oh gee, another excuse to make the most popular Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern ever? Yes please! Another pair of Saartje’s Bootees? If its a girl, you bet. And if its a boy… I’ll finally have an excuse to make booties that look like Converse tennis shoes. Always wanted to make those.

There will be baby stuff. Oh yes.

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Baby stuff is fun! So sweet that you met a new Mom who loves the gifts.


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