I Have the Power to Make it Rain


All I have to do to bring the rains is set something outside to block. Like I did today. That will make the rain come. Like it did today.

I finished up that black and brown slip-stitch scarf and set it out on the porch this morning. The evil, master plan was to get pictures of it this afternoon and show them off here tonight or maybe tomorrow. Sadly the weather gods always seem to know when I have a FO out because they dump all over them more often than not. I swear I could cure a drought if I could just finish things regularly.

Why must all blocking at House of Jenn be done outside? Because of the Feline Overlord of course. Just try to pin something out while she’s around. I dare you! She’ll be rolling around on it, nosing at the pins, and getting all up in your business. Its very hard to block with a cat stepping all over your knitting. This is what happened when I pinned out that Arrowhead Lace Headband and its tiny! There is no way I pin a whole scarf with her around, lol.

bodie & blocking

Why not just do it behind a closed door? Because she will be right outside that door digging. Digging at the carpet. Digging a hole into the carpet.  Do you have any idea how much landlords charge a lot to replace your carpet? Well I do.

So.. scarf pictures by tomorrow evening. Maybe. Unless it rains again.

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4 Comments on "I Have the Power to Make it Rain"

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Hehehe, Rain maker, rain maker make it rain!!! ♡♡♡


Lol. Its more effective than washing your car I tell you.


Could always be worse. Whenever I have an event planned at my house at least one of the cats begins to puke. My friends must believe I never wash the floors.


Oh no they don’t think that! Anyone with cats understands that they can puke just to express their displeasure with us!